New Nighlife Safety App ‘Where You At?” Helps You Find Your Friends on a Night Out

where you at?
Author : Max Spruill
March 07, 2023

New Nighlife Safety App ‘Where You At?” Helps You Find Your Friends on a Night Out

A brand new nightlife safety app is soon to be rolled out across the UK helping users connect with friends and pinpoint their location, facilities, and other useful features at the club.

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Where You At? (WYA) was created by Tamzin Lent after experiencing sexual assault on nights out, and is said to be the first app offering peer-to-peer safety features.

The app uses Bluetooth ‘beacons’ to allow users to locate and message friends on a night out, right down to the cubicle, sofa, or spot on the dancefloor.

“You know that feeling when you’re out with friends, and suddenly you can’t find them? We’ve all been there. That’s where WYA comes in,” says founder Tamzin Lent.

“Our app solves this problem using indoor mapping, so you can precisely locate your friends, seeing whether they’re by the bar or on the dancefloor. And the best part? It works without an internet connection or signal, making your nights out safer and more enjoyable.”

Partnering with the Night Time Industry Association, WYA is set to launch the new app at a number of London-based nightclubs over the coming months including Ministry of Sound, XOYO, and E1 where WYA will host a launch event on March 16. Elsewhere, WYA is also being trialled at universities in Nottingham and Sheffield.

“We are very excited to debut the WYA app at our launch event at E1. This is a proof of concept event, highlighting the innovative capabilities of the app to our community,” says Lent.

The launch event will combine panels, an art exhibition, and DJ sets, with speakers including the NTIA’s Silvana Kill, Night Tales’ Liam Cross, and Safer Dance’s Sam Hennerly.

Originally reported by MixMag.