New Label Bau Muzik Debuts with an Original from DEAS

Bau Muzik DEAS
Author : Nathan Christopher
May 18, 2021

New Label Bau Muzik Debuts with an Original from DEAS

Bau Muzik is the new label created by DEAS and inspired by his fascination of the Bauhaus style. This project will showcase new music from DEAS with a selection of special guests. The soundscapes illuminating the Polish artist’s definition of modern techno are presented with the Block EP.

DEAS has been building his music profile following excellent EPs on Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, Marco Bailey’s MATERIA and legendary Dutch label Planet Rhythm, as he continues to impress with his expertly crafted dance floor weapons.

Rotterdam’s Triple Vision is the distributor of Bau Muzik who look after labels like Bas Mooy’s Mord, Dax J‘s Monnom Black and Emmanuel‘s ARTS. “Confusion” has huge rolling drums under haunting, lead synth stabs followed by an electrified lead sound that builds into the break with rising tension. A powerful feeling of menace and faultless function is locked inside the groove.

6AM Premiere: DEAS “Block” – Bau Muzik

“Block” is the title track and second offering, with thundering percussion and sharp, metallic hits it uses intense bleeps and sweeps to make this a breakneck DJ weapon. Third up, “Convenience” has a stomping sound combining with abstract, eerie tones to create an ominous, trippy, and twisted mood within this peak time jam.

Closing the EP with “Dystopian Future” it focuses on a sci-fi aesthetic made from morphing, warping acid licks and static hums that prowl the airwaves with a somewhat sinister motive. The synth accents that appear later really take it to higher heights of hypnotic engagement.

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