New French company Kiviak teases its first synth

French Synth Tease
Author : Max Spruill
February 15, 2023

New French company Kiviak teases its first synth

A French company called Kiviak is releasing its first synth.

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The WoFi is a two-octave instrument combines sampling capabilities with granular sound design, which chops samples into very short sections and layers them to produce tones.

The synth also includes a mic–allowing sounds to be sampled directly into its memory–as well as a low-pass digital filter, an envelope and an LFO for modulating sounds. Samples are editable via an LCD screen and will play back through a built-in speaker. The prototype, which Kiviak revealed on social media, also has MIDI over USB and CV/Gate ports.

Kiviak is previously unknown in the electronic instruments world. The company primarily deals in cloud storage solutions for large enterprises. The WoFi is expected to include some cloud-based elements, such as cloud storage for sample libraries accessible via inbuilt WiFi. Kiviak has said its instruments are intended for “nomadic use,” so a high degree of portability is part of their design.

Kiviak has yet to announce details of price or release date.

Originally reported by RA.

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