New coalition launches to promote ethical use of AI

Ethical Use Of AI
Author : Max Spruill
March 22, 2023

New coalition launches to promote ethical use of AI

Several music and entertainment associations have banded together to form a coalition about artificial intelligence.

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Called the Human Artistry Campaign, the movement urges industry professionals to use AI in a responsible manner that protects the jobs and creativity of artists. The campaign was formed this past week at SXSW in Austin, Texas, by over 40 organizations, including the Recording Industry Association of America, the Recording Academy, the Music Artist Coalition, SAG-AFTRA, the Songwriters of North America, BMI and the National Music Publishers Association.

All applications using AI must require permission from copyright owners and be subject to free-market licensing, the Human Artistry Campaign wrote on its website. The technology should also stay in compliance with intellectual property laws (i.e. using the voices and likenesses of performers with permission and compensation), according to the group. Members also discourage any government interference that would allow policymakers to create new laws that may exploit artists.

The coalition’s launch comes as more AI-backed production tools enter the music market. Laraaji and Julianna Barwick have incorporated the technology in their respective projects, while Plastikman has worked with tech start-up Endel on AI-powered soundscapes.

For more information on the Human Artistry Campaign, visit the website.

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