New Club to Open in Brazil Before the End of the Year

Author : Daisy Magana
November 16, 2021

New Club to Open in Brazil Before the End of the Year

Brazil is unveiling a long-awaiting new club: Surreal. It’ll be located on the coast of Santa Catarina in the city of Camboriú. This is Renato Ratier’s next creation after leaving Warung Beach Club after more than a decade. It’ll be promoted by D-Edge, the same company responsible for clubs and parties all around Rio De Janerio. The official opening event is scheduled for December 26 loaded with the local and global talent of house and techno.

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Bringing a brand new concept and dance culture to Brazil, the massive 92,000 square-meter complex will have four different stages. Noman Stage, Bells Stage, Raw Room as well as a food court with trucks and a kitchen. The new club will host a variety of events focusing on all realms of dance music. Club-goers can expect unique events with world-class lighting, high-volume sound, and outstanding production.

There will be a three-day event for the opening of Surreal with artists such as Paul Ritch, Guti, Sebastien Léger, and more. The new club has already secured 33 dates for the next year including the debut edition of The BPM Festival Brazil. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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“I spent 10 years working hard and intensely, contributing to Warung Beach Club’s growth in order to deliver the best possible experience. I now believe that my mission along with the entire team was fulfilled. But music has been running through my veins since I was a child so I am committed to continuing to grow electronic music in Brazil. This new project will do that and very soon everyone will be able to experience the surreal sensations that the new complex will offer.”

Renato Ratier, the founder of Surreal
View the 3-D render of the entire place!


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