New Closing Times for Ibiza Clubs in 2016

Author : Lee Trotter
October 22, 2015

New Closing Times for Ibiza Clubs in 2016

Music On Main RoomNo more…No more blissful mornings with Papa Sven on the terrace. No more Music On marathons with Marco Carola. No more stumbling out of Space in the mid morning daylight after hours upon hours of dancing. As reported in El Diario De Ibizaa local publication on the White Isle, all Ibiza super clubs and even local bars will be required to close promptly at 6:30 AM.

In an Island Council meeting, President Vincent Torres met with other mayors and government officials to discuss the new closing time. In addition to the 6:30 closing, strict sanctions will be placed on those who violate this new rule. Only time will tell on how strict these sanctions may be.

These closing restrictions have technically been in place in past seasons, but it’s clear that not all clubs abide by these regulations. Many establishments, especially Amnesia and Space, operate well past the current closing times, often ending well past 9AM. Hell, it’s reported that the Amnesia closing ended seven hours past their permitted time this year.

While 6:30 AM may seem like an acceptable time to close, many are struggling to face the fact, and are voicing their opinion on how the new Ibiza closing times will affect the deeply rooted dance culture on the island. Sunrise sessions on the Terrace just won’t be the same.