New Brazilian Nightclub Has Movement Sensitive LED Light Installation

Author : Jennifer Liu
February 26, 2016

New Brazilian Nightclub Has Movement Sensitive LED Light Installation

The-Year-Sao-Paulo-Guto-Requeno-2-FT-616x440A new club in São Paulo has an LED light installation that is motion and temperature sensitive. Brazilian architect Guto Requena has designed an interactive interface for The Year, an industrial warehouse space turned nightclub located in Vila Nova Leopoldina.

The inner dance floor has an interactive LED cage, and a sensor above the 800 square meter space translates partygoers’ movements and body temperatures into lighting effects. DJs can also control the light settings with their own movements. The hallways and ceilings are designed with a recurring geometric pattern that manifests a delineation between industrial and organic elements, bringing an unique identity to the club. The general space is flexible and can be altered to accommodate a variety of moods and party vibes.

Guto Requena’s light installation for The Year is an exploration of the interaction between digital aesthetic and spaces. His work reflects a cultural shift that incorporates art, environment, and social ideas.

Check out pictures of Guto’s LED interface and a video of the space in action below.




[Source: designboom]