Need a Good House Music Mix? Here are 7 Mixes for Your Week

House Music Mix
Author : Max Spruill
May 13, 2022

Need a Good House Music Mix? Here are 7 Mixes for Your Week

We love the untz untz music here at 6AM; we feature it everyday in some way, shape or form. Although techno is what we have a heavy focus on, we still love to switch it up every now and then with a little bootz n’ catz music too. That’s right folks, today we’re bringing down the house, and there’s no better way to do it than to feature our top 7 house mixes from our Guest Mix and Global Vibe Radio catalogue. So strap on your favorite break-dance boots and get litty as a kitty while you turn up the volume on these showcases of hectic house track selections.

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1. 6AM Exclusive Mini Mix: Kyle Watson

Starting the list off with something a little short but sweet, Kyle Watson dishes it out hot for 30 minutes in an exclusive 6AM Mini Mix. Things get techy as Kyle lays down sounds of the underground, playing tracks released on Deadmau5‘s house dedicated label hau5trap. Funky, fresh, and coming in hard to impress, this mix will catch you an instant vibe.


2. 6AM Guest Mix: Minimono

Get ready to bounce to the beat with an uplifting and euphoric house Guest Mix by Minimono. Groovy and minimal, this set will put you in a trance as the smooth rhythm takes you deep into the house.


3. Global Vibe Radio Ft. Mark Knight

The legendary Mark Knight takes over our Global Vibe Radio for over an hour and brings the funkiest, grooviest Chicago house tracks one could ever ask for. Soulful singing and jazzy beats can be heard as the music beckons that “Everybody get down!” Get your jive on as you dance off to this classic sounding set.


4. Global Vibe Radio Ft. Mostly Magic

Break out some smooth moves for more deep grooves as Mostly Magic makes you believe in it for a full hour! What’s more magical than the healing hertz of house music?

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5. 6AM Guest Mix: Wheats

If my tech doesn’t end with an O, it better end with the house, and that’s exactly what Wheats has baking in the oven on this 6AM Guest Mix. Get ready to trip out as the sounds of acid can be heard laced throughout the hour long set. You’ll be hard pressed not to shuffle your feet as the beat comes in hard and fast like a cat off the knip.


6. Global Vibe Radio Ft. Lyric Hood

Lyric Hood goes down into the depths of house music straight to its core in this hot-steppin’ soulful set. If you don’t find yourself dancing by the end of this set, it could be because you’re too busy singing along to the vibrant vocals.


7. 6AM Guest Mix: Maxim Laney

Wrapping things up on a high note, Maxim Laney goes melodic and progressive as he brings some house music straight from the desert playa. Mellow and relaxing, this is the set you want to listen to while the sun rises on your way home from a party playing the other kind of house music featured on this list. Grab a box of tissues and get in your feels as Maxim takes us on an emotional house music journey.

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House Music All Night Long…

After listening to at least one of these marvelous mixes, hopefully your cats have their boots on and and the house is inside of you instead of you being stuck inside the house.