Nau Squaglia Debuts Storytelling Album with Culturally Diverse Label Earthly Delights

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
March 22, 2022

Nau Squaglia Debuts Storytelling Album with Culturally Diverse Label Earthly Delights

Hailing from the Canary Islands (Spain), Nau Squaglia introduces his latest 10-track album, ‘Midnight Blues’ with the label Earthly Delights. All of the tracks on the album have their own place as a solo piece of music, but they also have been sequenced together in a storytelling flow of emotions.

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Track one, ‘Stick To My Guns’  starts off the album with gentle percussion and a flaring guitar that can be comparable to the sun melting frost on a cold winter’s morning. Building momentum, the following tracks start to sway like blades of grass in the breeze, like track three ‘How Far Is Too Far, as it introduces its uplifting energy with exhilarating synth lines.

‘Midnight Blues’ out on Bandcamp April 1

The dubby sounds and trippy vocals of “Relentless” provide a sideways step before the album continues upwards. Midway, the track “One More Night” marks the halfway point with its haunting vocals. Following, the next three tracks are exalted cuts of tantalizing deep house.

Listen: Nau Squaglia’s “Without Me Trying” – Earthly Delights

The penultimate track, “Shape of Things to Come”, is a grand electronica cut that blends an acid arpeggio line with a heavy snare to create a dramatic ending. Closing out the album is the ambient outro track “Midnight Blues” which is a thought-provoking piece with a tranquil mood that brings the listener back down after such an uplifting journey.

As for the label, Earthly Delights, it aims to entrance listeners with exceptionally diverse sounds, which makes this debuted collaboration Nau Squaglia a great match. Pertaining to sound and style,  the label collaborates with artists from across the globe to create and embrace culturally diverse soundscapes, and ethnically rich components that are inspirational; such as: tribal rhythms, hypnotic percussions, ethereal melodies, and often captivating vocals.

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