NAMM 2015: Zoom iQ Series & H6 Recorders

Author : Lee Trotter
January 25, 2015

NAMM 2015: Zoom iQ Series & H6 Recorders

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Zoom always delivers a high quality product to the recording industry. Known for their outstanding quality portable recorders like the H4N and new H6, they have also introduced the iQ Series microphone attachments to revolutionize audio recording on IOS devices. We got a chance to check out Zoom at NAMM 2015, and needless to say we were more than impressed. Let’s start with the iQ series.

The iQ series is everything great you would expect from Zoom Audio. The iQ series featured three microphone options that can be attached to various IOS devices, with an incredibly easy interface to use them. A free app is also included to take advantage of even more features such as effects and audio playback.

iQ5The iQ5 features a mid-side stereo microphone that looks like your typical disco ball, with a front panel providing plenty of features. The iQ5 can be adjusted to 90 or 120 degree angle to optimize recording situations. A mic gain wheel on the side allows the user to control the input level to further allow for optimal recording.



iQ6The iQ6 shares the same features, with the inclusion of a rotary gain control knob on the device. The major detail to note with the iQ6 is the fact that it is the same microphone used on their very popular H4N model. And just like with the H4N, users have the option to change the direction of the mics from 90 to 120 degrees to achieve the desired recording.  All the recording power of the H4N in an IOS device is incredibly impressive, and will surely revolutionize audio and video for IOS users.



The iQ7 is slightly different in regards to the layout of the microphones. Unlike the iQ6, that utilized the H4N mics, the iQ7 features two micraphones with mid-side recording. The microphone can also be configured in two ways to get optimal recording quality for sounds, as well as for videos. With less than three turns, the mics are adjusted to the perfect placement for landscape recording. Also like the iQ6, it features a rotary gain knob and LED levels indicator.


The iQ5, iQ6, and iQ7 are all currently on the market with a retail price of $100 each.

For a full list of specifications and compatible devices you can go to the corresponding pages on Zooms website: iQ5 | iQ6 | iQ7


H6Another product featured at the Zoom booth was the H6 Recorder, a top of the line audio recorder that is an upgrade from their already impressive recorder series. And although not a new product at NAMM, it is one that surely warrants some coverage.

The biggest upgrades on the Zoom H6 include a full color display at the bottom of the recorder and the ability to have interchangeable microphones. The H6 includes four inputs and records in 96K audio, as well as phantom power. The quality of the H6 is without a doubt it’s strong point, but the next best feature is the option to have interchangeable microphones. With a purchase of the H6, users receive an XY microphone and have the option to include a mid-side mic, shotgun mic, or an XLR/TRS input to max out at 6 possible inputs. With options like this, every situation can be perfectly captured with a specific mic best suited for the recording.

Zoom continues to push the limits on what a portable recorder can be. Elevating the pro-audio industry with professional recorders like the H6, and now providing the common consumer with Zoom quality recording in the iQ Series. 2015 will be another strong year for the company. Make sure to stay updated this week as we continue to roll out more coverage from NAMM 2015.