NAMM 2015: Pioneer Unveils the XDJ-RX Controller

Author : Lee Trotter
January 26, 2015

NAMM 2015: Pioneer Unveils the XDJ-RX Controller


Pioneer has revealed their new XDJ-RX controller at NAMM this year. Staying true to a classic Pioneer design, there aren’t many surprises here, but there are some nice features that make this an excellent new controller to hit the market. Here’s a little overview of the new XDJ-RX.

The XDJ-RX is a two-channel mixer and two deck unit that is controlled through Rekordbox and USB drives. It has everything one would expect in a Pioneer. Like previous mixer models, the XDJ-RX’s mixer section is complete with four color effects (Noise, Gate/Compression, Crush, Filter), as well as a beat effects section controlled by beats and a dry/wet knob. Additionally there is also a phono line if one were to feel like plugging in a turntable or external source.

Another feature that will be put to good use is the pads under the platters. This can be used throughout a set to trigger hot cues and set loops while quantized to Rekordbox.

The controller places a high quality LCD color display screen at the center of the unit, taking away the need for a laptop during performance. Up close the screen easily met expectations, with the browser and waveforms being clear and appropriately laid out. This is a refreshing feature to see in a controller, leaving the user with a USB to store and play the music. As a result of being solely USB, this brings about a very cool feature that Pioneer is introducing with the XDJ-RX.

One of the most notable features that myself, and the folks at Pioneer said, was the ability to record right onto a USB. With one USB plugged in to Deck 1, a second USB can be plugged in on Deck 2 to accept and store the recording. This is incredibly convenient for anyone wanting to listen back to a practice session, jam, or live performance. Although this may require the user to invest in a large enough flashdrive to hold a considerable amount of songs, it is a great concept that makes recording a very easy and simple process with a laptop out of the picture.

Aside from these standout features, the XDJ-RX features everything included with earlier Pioneer products such as the CDJ 2000 Nexus. Overall, it’s a great controller for Pioneer to put out into the market with the consistency and quality one would expect from them.

XDJ-RX will be available in the near future with a retail price of $1499.

For the full list of features and specifications, see the XDJ-RX page on Pioneer’s official site.


  • High quality 7-inch LCD color display center of console
  • Powered by Rekordbox
  • Record directly to USB
  • 8 Hot Cues between two decks