My Addiction with Music, My Drug of Choice

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Author : Daisy Magana
February 19, 2021

My Addiction with Music, My Drug of Choice

When most people hear the word “addiction,” their mind quickly jumps to topics concerning drugs or alcohol, especially if coupling it with the house and techno music scene. The endless love affair between dance music and drugs. In today’s culture it seems that wherever you find one, you’ll find the other. Do you have to do drugs to enjoy music? The answer is absolutely not. My addiction to music is my drug of choice.

There’s this misconception that everyone in the “scene” is in it because of the party life that ultimately keeps you chasing a high. For me, maybe music is that high. I’ll admit, my love for music treads the line between addiction and appreciation. While I am not downplaying serious, life-threatening addictions, and I feel for anyone struggling with one, most people who know me would argue that I am addicted to music. I don’t blame them. I listen to music every day from the moment I wake up to when I fall asleep.

84,000, that’s how many minutes I clocked in via Spotify last year. Yea, I know, that’s a whole lot of music. This doesn’t factor in the time spent listening to music on SoundCloud, YouTube, and AppleMusic. See, told you. I’ve actually had to challenge myself to create more silence throughout the day as I’m an advocate of “everything in moderation,” even my music consumption. Often I ask myself if my relationship with music is healthy, “Am I weird for listening to music this much?”


You can choose to let your self-acceptance be subjugated by another person’s taste or opinion, or you can choose to accept that they have simply stated what is true for them and that does not change who you are.

The Five Levels of Attachment

However, where some say “addiction,” I say “passion.” Music is my drug of choice, my happy place. My curiosity fuels my love for the game, and my intention is to share it with as many people as possible. I’m aware of how strong my attachment to music is, so why not transform my passion into a purpose? My desire is to make this community a better place through my honest involvement. The energy you put into things, in some form, translates to your talent which is fueled by risk, curiosity, passion and love. Happiness is when the doing is in harmony with your being; achieving a purpose, even if that’s for a brief minute.


My desire to see us thrive again is stronger than my itch to go to a function. Going to a rave right now is simply irresponsible and selfish.

My Addiction with Music, My Drug of Choice


“Spreading happiness and joy through music,” is what I like to say. Every day, I try to tap into this talent unapologetically. Before, my mindset was that only artists could have talent in this industry since they were the creators of music. However, I started realizing it’s not just about the artists and I don’t have to be a musician to have talents within this industry. Perspective shift, a gamechanger.

My attachment, love, addiction—whatever you want to label it—has allowed me to understand the world and create meaningful connections. Whether meeting people (old and new faces) at music functions or sharing music with others, it’s an exchange of energy that happens in either scenario. In my experience, some of the best friendships I’ve made have been because of music, and I know I’m not alone when saying this. Music has become a way for me to connect with others, and not that I intentionally set out with that purpose. It’s just something that naturally happens.

Music is like a time capsule capturing a moment in your life, and every time you hear said song, mix, set it takes you right back there. Playlists are like photo albums where each song is an image reflecting a moment in your life or feeling. If art decorates space then music is how we can decorate time.


When listening to your favorite tracks, have you ever stopped & thought about the talent? Like I mean actually taking a moment to think about THE person making the music & even the creation process…When you think about music this way, it magnifies your appreciation for it.

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For you, has there been a moment you realized music was something more than background noise? You know, a thing you actually felt. I’m not talking about the special elixirs but feeling the frequencies and vibrations run through your body when the music hits the soul. It really isn’t something you explain but feel. You’ll know it when it happens.

It’s been a scary, uncertain time for members of the music industry and not just the artists, but everyone involved. We’re all feeling it, but we can’t lose heart. We’re approaching a year of grappling with social, political, and racial strife on top of a pandemic. We have kept our heads above water. The next time you’re feeling down just remind yourself you are strong because you are here at the present moment living through this. If you need a day or two to turn “off,” that’s okay, and go ahead take that moment. Know that you’re not alone, and we’ll be waiting. Stay safe, and stay healthy friends.