Musicians Who Have Adopted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 21, 2021

Musicians Who Have Adopted Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a digitalized currency and speculative virtual asset at the very same time. The cryptocurrency has attained a gigantic user base in just a nominal time; the acceptability of bitcoin is spreading like a forest fire. Every multinational company and celebrity is getting involved in the scenario of investing and adopting bitcoin as a payment method. The Tech field, health care industry, and sports industry have blazed the trail of accepting bitcoin and other altcoins at the very same time.

The fact might stun you that the music industry has correspondingly begun to adopt bitcoin. There are ample music artists who started adopting, investing, and accepting bitcoin as a payment method for live shows. You can check out websites like Crypto exchange market for getting maximized results in your bitcoin journey.

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Below mentioned are some of the prominent music artists accepting bitcoin, alongside other progression subjected with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the famous American rappers; Snoop Dogg was one of the foremost music artists to accept bitcoin as a payment method. The price of bitcoin skyrocketed in the year 2012, and at that instance, he made his album available by paying in bitcoin merely. The value of his album at that instance was $0.3. The facts about his bitcoin holding are not clear and verified yet, but snoop has expressed his fondness towards the space x foundation, alongside the payment method of foundation, dogecoin.

Kayne West

Kayne is correspondingly an American rapper. Kayne appeared in a podcast of Joe Rogan and expressed his feelings towards cryptocurrency. Conferring the statement of Kayne in podcasts, bitcoin is the optimistic future; all the more, it is the promising way of liberation for the population of America. The holdings of Kayne West are not just clear yet. However, his statement clarified that he is holding a gigantic amount of bitcoin.


Sia is a professional female singer majorly popular for the song cheap thrills. Conferring the robust sources, she will be accepting cryptocurrency for her upcoming shows or albums. The pact includes several other singers as well, including music writers. According to the statements of these celebrities, money is the cryptocurrency which these electronic music artists will accept.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a professional singer, the maintainer of the cryptocurrency Monero stated token holders would avail amazing rewards and gifts, all the more these token holders will save a gigantic buck if any sort of music albums or live shows of these following artists arrives.

Music industry involving in NFTs

Subsequent to the sports industry and health care industry, the music industry is correspondingly adopting the notion of non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens were adopted by the sports industry at the foremost instance; these are basically the fan engagement tokens subjected to embrace the fan engagement between the music artists and their fans. The trend of NFT in the music industry is going crazy as bands are replacing land-based tokens with virtual ones.

Recently the glass animal band announced to substitute the land-based tokens with NFTs. Conferring the tweet of glass animals, the non-fungible token is just like a premium package of the band, and the token holder will correspondingly receive the merchandise and many other special services in case of a live show or album release.

According to the significant marketplaces, the prominent reason behind releasing the concept of NFTs in the music industry is the tangled profits of the music industry. The productivity session of the industry has went upside down subsequent to the emergence of virtuality. The fact might amaze that a committee of 110 music artists conveyed that the lyricist merely receives a profit of 15% from the music streaming platforms; yes, you read it right.

At the instance of COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown, artists were not able to make international tours or even domestic ones to maximize the probability. Moreover, the fan engagement tokens subjected with a physical touch are subjected with tons of third parties, which correspondingly cuts the profit of these music artists. The core notion of these non-fungible tokens is derived from mere cryptocurrency bitcoin, and these NFTs are not subjected to any third party or intermediators.

These are some of the music artists accepting cryptocurrencies.