Watch the Official Video Preview of “Moving Platform” from Adam Collins & Andrew Hobold

Author : Lee Trotter
April 03, 2016

Watch the Official Video Preview of “Moving Platform” from Adam Collins & Andrew Hobold

Moving into the Spring of 2016, Midnight Social Records reaffirms their strong position in dance music with a forthcoming release from Adam Collins and Andrew Hobold. All four tracks on the Moving Platform EP are organically blissful tracks eloquently fusing together the sounds of house and minimal, each securing a welcome place on the dancefloor. Moving Platform has received initial support from industry heavyweights such as Luciano and Crazy P.

The EP kicks off with the original mix, which you can watch and listen to above, and it is a house journey in its purest form. Starting with a solid drum foundation, Moving Platform continues to layer an array of sounds and textures to tell the story. From floating 8 bit sounds and distant voices to the sub warming bass, it’s arranged in a way that is inviting for everyone.

The EP then receives remix love from the likes of Lee Guthrie, Jay Tripwire and JaredLove, as well as Midnight Social Records label chief, Carlo Gambino. Gamibo takes things on a techy trip with dusty percussion setting the groove, but still pays homage to the original with the inclusion of various synthetic sounds and vocals. Following suit is Lee Guthrie who flexes his studio muscles with a heavy remix of Moving Platform. Mechanical percussions roll around in the spectrum with a stasis like breakdown before dropping back into the low slung groove that Guthrie knows so well. The EP ends with remix treatment from Jay Tripwire and JaredLove, both putting a deeper hypnotic touch on the original. A wildly resonant filter comes into play adding some serious vibes to the track, with the remaining elements playing off each other to round off the experience.

Moving Platform will be available for purchase in May. 

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