Move the Record: Support Independent Record Stores this July

Move the Record livestream
Author : Nadia Shamsedin
July 12, 2021

Move the Record: Support Independent Record Stores this July

Streaming initiative Move the Record will return this July for a month-long series of livestream events. Launched in 2020, Move the Record was devised in response to the uncertain future and economic strain that independent record stores worldwide have faced due to the pandemic. This summer, the streaming initiative will return for four consecutive Thursdays starting from July 1st — featuring six-hour broadcasts from stores around the world featuring residents and special guests, with a view to driving online sales and foot traffic to shops that can open, and encourage customers to check-out their local vinyl record shops.

With the goal to raise money for struggling record stores, supporters can contribute and buy merchandise via Crowdfunder, with 100% of proceeds to be split evenly across the participating stores. Following an exciting Edition #1, Edition #2 stores include Kristina Records (London), Café Artum (Birmingham), Mad Piano (Bucharest), Seawolf Records (Amsterdam), NUT Records (Barcelona), La Rama (Montreal) and more. Performers for Move the Record Edition #2 include Prosumer, Ingi Visions, Adam Shelton, Carista, San Proper, Willow, Hon, Anna Wall, Kerrie, Glowzi, Jus-Ed, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Molly and more.

Check out the Edition #2 campaign video below, wherein diggers and store owners alike share their insight on these hubs of community and discovery.

MOVE THE RECORD CAMPAIGN from Olly Bharat on Vimeo.

While vinyl record sales soared in 2020 during the pandemic year, growing 29% to $626 million and surpassing compact discs in sales revenue, many of the sales occurred online. Shuttered record stores suffered from a decline in physical in-store retail sales. Vinyl hobbyists who like to skim through record store stocks for hidden gems suddenly found themselves unable to indulge in their hobby, with vinyl shops seeing declining sales.

Move the Record hopes to promote independent record shops to the global public while ensuring they can keep their doors open. The exciting livestream lineup features local DJs streaming from their local record shops. Be sure to tune into this exciting event.

Move the Record Edition #2 Stores and Performance Schedule
July 1, 2021

Café Artum – Birmingham UK

Adam Shelton / Jayson Wynters

Underground Solu’shn – Edinburgh UK

Prosumer / Fryer (Athens of the North)

Mad Piano – Bucharest RO

Demete / Iona

July 8, 2021

Seawolf Records – Amsterdam NL

Ingi Visions (Samuel Deep & Julien Alexander)

Vinyl Pimp – London UK

Hon b2b Johnathan Greenwood

NUT Records – Barcelona ES

TC80 / Molly

July 15, 2021

Doogan Records – Den Bosch NL

Carista / San Proper

Eastern Bloc – Manchester UK

Willow / Kerrie

Music Box – Perugia IT

Nick Anthony Simoncino / DJ Ralf

July 12, 2021

KMA60 – Berlin DE

Dana Ruh / Jus-Ed

Kristina Records – London UK

Anna Wall / OdD

La Rama – Montreal CA

Glowzi / Gene Tellem

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