Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad

Author : 6AM
October 23, 2014

Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad


Repost: “Modulares Interface B.A. created by Florian Born,  is a physical interface for iPad comprised of knobs, buttons and sliders to provide precision and haptic feedback when operating a digital interface.

These controllers expand the usage of a touch device with a haptic feedback while adjusting parameters. By using magnets, the different controllers can easily be arranged onto the iPad. A modular interface appears, which uses a given device just like the iPad. The system is comprised of three different parts – the physical controllers (button, slider and knob), made out of conductive aluminium to pass on the electrical discharge of the human skin. Second, a frame, made out of aluminium and plastic, in which the iPad is inserted. The edge of the frame has embedded magnets, making it possible to position the controller precisely. Finally, the software, running as an app on the iPad which organizes the control elements and sends the parameters to the corresponding software, which is controlled by the modular interface.

The controllers are made of aluminum because of its property to forward electrical charge. Therefore, the electrical discharge of the human skin can be transmitted to the touchscreen of the iPad. To prevent the control devices from screeching the display, a piece of conductive foam is used on the end of each controller. An app programmed in Cinder/C++ is running on the iPad. It manages the individual setup of the controllers and reads their input on the touchscreen. The app then transfers the information via OSC to a connected application.”

Source: Creative Applications