For Producer Italian Michele Anullo, Music Is A Lifestyle

Michele Anullo Q&A
Author : Max Spruill
May 16, 2022

For Producer Italian Michele Anullo, Music Is A Lifestyle

Italian DJ and producer Michele Anullo was born in Todi in 1994. Michele fell in love with music at an early age thanks to his brother and was quickly given his first set of turntables to pursue his passion.

At the age of 15, Michele was participating in contests and events around the Italian music scene and was starting to make a name for himself. It wasn’t long after that he would start producing his own music, finding inspiration from playing tracks from so many of his favorite DJ’s.

Michele used dark sounds and rhythmic melodies In his first project, releasing digitally and on vinyl, earning him his first mention in Dj Mag.

Now he is working on something innovative, inspired by the new electronic and experimental sounds of the future, as well as the gritty sounds of the underground scene. Improving himself more and more and distinguishing himself thanks to his musical timbre, Michele sits down and talks to 6AM about his journey.

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Michele Anullo Q&A

Courtesy of Michele Anullo PR

Hi Michele! We are very happy to speak with you here at 6AM. How are you?

Hi, I’m doing great, thanks for having me. I’ve been been very excited these past few days, getting closer to my latest release.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What first got you into music, and how long have you been DJing and producing music – what came first?

It all started when I was 12, looking through my brother’s stuff I found an old CD. I started listening and was so fascinated by it that my family gifted me my first record player. Growing up I decided that I wanted to create music of my own to channel my music creativity. I was 17 when I started to get my feet wet in the world of music production.


Is there a specific moment that made you realize you wanted to pursue music more than just a hobby?

Music for me has never been a hobby, but a lifestyle. When I was 15 I decided to take an opportunity and participate in a regional DJ contest in Umbria (Italy). I wasn’t expecting much but I won the contest and another one the following year. This made me understand that I could make people feel good with my music.


How long did it take on your journey before you got involved with Wout Records? Any new music coming out with them soon?

Wout Records has always been important to me, they were the first to believe in my musical projects. I was 18 when I published my first track with them and we still collaborate to this day. On May 13th I’ll be releasing a new EP with them, one of my most important EP’s this year, which encapsulates my true musical essence that I’ve cultivated over the years. This EP will also include some fantastic remixes by Alessio Pennati, Another Soul and Amru.


Listen to Michele Anullo Anima EP

Will you be playing any shows anytime soon? Where can your fans find you for the rest of this year?

Right now I do some events in Umbria together with other local DJs around Perugia. I don’t have any precise dates coming up, I’m dedicating a lot of time to producing my first album.


As you’ve grown in your journey, what’s one thing you “feared” doing and now looking back, you can say you’ve overcome the hesitation to do – whether production, networking, self-promoting, etc.

In my musical journey I’ve had the opportunity of knowing and collaborating with a few producers from whom I’ve learned a lot. Thanks to them I’ve been able to improve and challenge myself, living up to what they were expecting. It wasn’t always easy, my greatest fear was measuring myself against people with more experience than me. But with many hours of practice I’ve improved this aspect and now I’m satisfied.


Thanks for talking with us! Is there anything you’d like to share?

Thank you for having me. I just wanted to thank all the people that believe in me and my work.

Michele Anello Q&A

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