Mha Iri Is Back on Umek’s 1605

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 28, 2022

Mha Iri Is Back on Umek’s 1605

Known best for her links to the Australian club scene, Mha Iri has been a driving force in the country’s techno community. Not only has she dropped numerous releases on 1605, but she has also championed her sound on other respected record labels such as Markantonio‘s AnalyticTrail and Spektre‘s Respekt.

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This latest EP from Mha Iri is titled Timeless and it features two tracks that orientate around pounding beats and euphoric synth lines, which are shrouded in dark atmospherics to create a captivating contrast of textures.

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Opened by the title track “Timeless” it builds suspense with its tantalizing intro that slowly fades in the lead synth line and hypnotic vocals. The vocal is a looped sequence of compelling words that spark the imagination and inspire the dance floor to erupt. Hitting its peak after the tension of the main breakdown, this rollercoaster ride of a track is everything fans have come to expect from 1605.

Listen: Mha Iri “Timeless” EP – 1605

“Here With You” is the second track on the release with compelling energy and reassuring vocal that inspires confidence in the listener. Its gritty bass textures and hypnotic melody sequence hold a mesmerizing tension that at times is almost cinematic. The euphoric breakdown section delivers a hands-in-the-air moment before the percussion slams back with dramatic effect.

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