Mexican Producer Asylum X Premieres “Rising Moon”

Asylum X Rising Moon
Author : Daisy Magana
January 20, 2021

Mexican Producer Asylum X Premieres “Rising Moon”

Asylum X released “Rising Moon” which forms part of the upcoming Common Sense Records’ Vol. 3 compilation. Asylum X is the side project of Cani, half of a DJ duo Zombies in Miami. It is one of the most prominent projects of electronic music in Mexico. The DJ and producer has played in the most recognized clubs around the world like Berghain and Club Rex.

An artist from Aguascalientes, he found the perfect medium in music to unite his literary and sound passion adding to his hunger for experimentation. Asylum X, Mexican producer Angelo Ferrara’s side project brings different textures into a track to assemble a totally new experience for the audiences and as a producer himself.

Listen: 6AM Premiere Asylum X “Rising Moon”

“Rising Moon” has many elements that bring a tasty dissonance that leads everyone to the dancefloor. The cathartic drums make let the sound of all the different elements vibe in a dark and void peace. This track is part of the release “CommonSense Records, Vol. 03,” a compilation with artists including Volster, Sim0nimo and Alejandro Franco.