Menura Audio launches Kickstarter for modular DJ mixer

Menura Audio DJ Mixer
Author : Max Spruill
March 14, 2023

Menura Audio launches Kickstarter for modular DJ mixer

A German company called Menura Audio is releasing a modular DJ mixer.

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The MDMX is built up from discrete modules that can be swapped in and out to expand the mixer’s functionality. Menura says this is the first time anyone has applied the modular concept to DJ mixers, though it has been the backbone of synthesiser design since the ’60s.

The mixer has six sections that can be customised with a choice of modules, including rotary and linear faders, two-, three- or four-channel EQs, digital FX, filters, isolators, different types of gain and headphone amps, Bluetooth inputs and a variety of crossfaders. There is also a module based on the Urei 1620, a famed rotary mixer from the ’70s.

“Our aim is to shake up the mixer market a little and provide an opportunity for people to design their own mixer and let it evolve with their preferences,” Menura Audio told Resident Advisor.

The MDMX is initially available from Menura’s kickstarter page, which goes live in May. You can also register interest on the Menura Audio website.

Watch a video about the MDMX.

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