Melodic Techno Artist BLACKLOUD Premieres “Anthracite”

melodic techno BLACKLOUD
Author : Daisy Magana
December 22, 2020

Melodic Techno Artist BLACKLOUD Premieres “Anthracite”

Prague-based melodic techno producer BLACKLOUD is preparing for his upcoming Synesthesia EP (Wold Records). Conceptually derived from the psychological phenomenon synesthesia, where those affected experience a perceptual difference in the experience of the five senses, his EP aptly aims to associate color with sound.

Listen: 6AM Premiere – BLACKLOUD “Anthracite” – Wold Records

Driving in nature, the brooding hues of black and blue inspire the dark, atmospheric club-ready number “Anthracite”. Structured with emotive chord progressions alongside sharp arpeggios, the track brings the EP to its conclusion with energy and intrigue.

Having dedicated much of his life to contemporary electronic music, the Turkish born producer cut his teeth on the dance floors of all the major clubs of Turkey. Captivating audiences domestic and now abroad, BLACKLOUD’s forward-thinking productions continue to evolve. He’s pushing boundaries with a strong focus on progressive dance music genres. His music draws inspiration from contemporary classical and post-modern rock. All of his tracks in Synesthesia stem from a single piano progression and a thoughtful introduction of 4/4 bass lines alongside the infusion of organic sound elements result in an intelligent catalog of dance music.


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