Meet The Ravers: Shannon, Your Go-To for a Festival-Ready Body

Meet The Ravers
Author : Kevin Ching
January 24, 2022

Meet The Ravers: Shannon, Your Go-To for a Festival-Ready Body

One of the best parts about a rave is its anonymity. It’s a sacred space without status symbols. It’s you, the music, and other ravers. The only expectation is that you treat others with love and respect, and hopefully enjoy the music. Safe to say you’ve probably wondered who’s dancing next to you. What’s their name? What do they do? Let’s ask! Meet Shannon, part-time raver and full-time personal trainer.

Talk to us about what you do when you’re not on the dance floor. What does your life look like outside of the rave?

I am a wife, mother of three, and personal trainer based in San Diego, CA. Home and work life both keep me pretty busy, but I love it. I train people with all different goals, but I love helping ravers get “festival-ready,” so they can be their most confident, healthiest selves.

How old were you when you first heard about electronic music?

In high school, probably around 15 or 16.

Was there a strong house and techno scene where you grew up? If not, how did you stumble upon this community?

It’s hard to say because I left the city I grew up in when I was 21. My boyfriend listened to trance and that was my first exposure to this community & EDM.

What drew you to electronic music?

For a long time, vocal, uplifting trance, was mostly what I preferred when it came to electronic music. I didn’t fully “get it” until later in my life when my husband took me to Ultra Miami. When I realized how many genres fell under the EDM umbrella and how amazing the community is. I was hooked.

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For you, what is it about the dancefloor that keeps you coming back?

I love so many genres. I feel like I can find anything to fit my mood. Every year I find new (or at least new to me) artists, and I feel like my taste in music expands. For me, I feel most like “myself” when I am at a show or festival. Of course, I love to dance!

Do you usually go to shows solo or with friends?

If you go with friends, would you ever go solo? My husband is my ride-or-die at shows and festivals! We do have a rave family we love to meet up with too from time to time.

“When I realized how many genres fell under the EDM umbrella and how amazing the community is. I was hooked.”

Shannon on what drew her to electronic music

What’s one thing you’ve learned from the rave scene?

Acceptance. Everyone, in general, is so friendly, happy, and accepting.

Do you have a stand-out dancefloor moment? (Was it an artist who gave an amazing set? A shared moment with a stranger? Did music have some healing effect? Did you go on a non-stop dance marathon? etc)

There is a lot to choose from! I’ll go with the most recent: Eric Prydz at this past EDCLV. He started playing “Opus” and then the fireworks went off (and they were night three fireworks, so even more over the top than ever). We were surrounded by a huge group of friends, and it was just a perfect moment.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I love the EDM community so much, and going to shows and festivals that it became the inspiration for my personal training business. Feeling confident and like your “best self” is so important to so many ravers, and I love helping people achieve that; whatever that looks like for them.

It was after I started attending festivals that I realized that how I train myself is based on my festival schedule, and that’s how I came up with the idea of Fit 2 Rave.  I largely owe where I am at now (becoming a trainer and starting my own business), to this music and community. It is my own personal inspiration and motivation, and I realized I wanted to help others who felt the same way. Plus working out is better with a great playlist, so being able to incorporate my love for this music while exposing more people to this community and what it is about (because I have clients who aren’t ravers…yet) makes it even more fun for me. I get to combine two big passions of mine together, and it’s amazing.