Meet The Ravers: Brenda, Techno Is Her Self Care

Meet The Ravers Brenda
Author : Kevin Ching
January 17, 2022

Meet The Ravers: Brenda, Techno Is Her Self Care

One of the best parts about a rave is its anonymity. It’s a sacred space without status symbols. It’s you, the music, and other ravers. The only expectation is that you treat others with love and respect, and hopefully enjoy the music. Safe to say you’ve probably wondered who’s dancing next to you. What’s their name? What do they do? Let’s ask! Meet Brenda, part-time raver and full-time student at The University of Southern California.

Talk to us about what you do when you’re not on the dance floor. What does your life look like outside of the rave?

I’m currently in my second year of graduate school at the USC School of Social Work. I attend school full-time and complete my clinical hours at a private practice in hopes of becoming an LCSW and become a therapist. During my free time, I spend time with my daughter, boyfriend and friends.

How old were you when you first heard about electronic music?

I’m a 90s baby so I was probably in elementary school when I heard “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi.

Was there a strong house and techno scene where you grew up? If not, how did you stumble upon this community?

Most definitely! I attended school in Boyle Heights and house music was definitely a popular scene while I was in high school. I didn’t stumble upon techno until I was a bit older and now as an LA resident the techno warehouse scene is taking over.

“It’s one of my favorite forms of self care and forgetting about the hardships we have to go through in life.”

Brenda on why she is drawn to the dancefloor

What drew you to electronic music?

The vibes and being able to be groovy without any judgment. Being able to hit a rave or warehouse after a long week of school or work and get lost on the dance floor with some of my favorite people is one of the only things I look forward to. I’ve met some of the most amazing people on the dance floor.

For you, what is it about the dancefloor that keeps you coming back?

I find it as a stress reliever. It’s one of my favorite forms of self-care and forgetting about the hardships we have to go through in life. As a therapist, I find it to be very healing.

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Do you usually go to shows solo or with friends? If you go with friends, would you ever go solo?

I always go with friends! I haven’t gone solo to an event before, but I do want to challenge myself to do so.

“I’ve met some of the most amazing people on the dance floor.”

Brenda on what drew her to electronic music

What’s one thing you’ve learned from the rave scene?

To be yourself. I’ve come across a wide variety of amazing individuals in the rave scene and have always felt accepted even when I wasn’t accepting of myself.

Do you have a stand-out dance floor moment? (Was it an artist who gave an amazing set? A shared moment with a stranger? Did music have some healing effect? Did you go on a non-stop dance marathon? etc)

I met the love of my life in the rave scene. During COVID, I attended a desert rave, and we actually began our relationship after a 6AM warehouse after Hector Oaks! I’ve also had a breakthrough dance moment when I felt like I could finally let loose and channel my inner bad b*tch!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just a reminder to keep spreading positive energy on the dance floor and always help those in need at events.