Maya Jane Coles Returns as Nocturnal Sunshine with “It’s Alright”

Author : Jennifer Liu
November 03, 2015

Maya Jane Coles Returns as Nocturnal Sunshine with “It’s Alright”


Renowned audio engineer and enigmatic producer Maya Jane Coles has been testing the waters over the summer with a renewed alias called Nocturnal Sunshine. Nocturnal Sunshine is another facet of Maya Jane Coles’ history of musical exploration, from her beginnings in deep house with House of Om to her current high standing in the scene with darker, complex forms of industrial techno and house. With Nocturnal Sunshine, Maya incorporates the raw sounds of 90s UK dubstep with the heavier dub side of techno to produce sensual remixes and original tunes.

It’s Alright is a chill vocal track that has remnants of that old school liquid flavor. It’s a good negotiation between low and high energies, and is a proper addition to a growing catalogue of Nocturnal Sunshine originals that have been released over the course of this year.

It’s Alright is available for purchase on iTunes as well as the rest of Nocturnal Sunshine’s originals.

Maya Jane Coles: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud

Nocturnal Sunshine: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud