Matthew Dear presents DELQA, an Audiovisual Project in New York

Author : Jennifer Liu
July 29, 2015

Matthew Dear presents DELQA, an Audiovisual Project in New York


Matthew Dear has revealed DELQA, an interactive art installation that will be open to the public from August 6-9 at Manhattan’s New Museum. DELQA is a collaboration by Dear and a team of artists and designers. The project will be on display at the Lower East Side’s New Inc Studio by the museum.

Matthew Dear blurs the lines between audio and visual creativity by incorporating the environment and producing new ideas through his music, notably by utilizing the playground of industrial sounds found at Detroit’s abandoned General Electric factory to produce the song Drop Science. He’s developed a musical ethos that resonates greatly with the audience, and is a noble innovator within the industry.

“I wanted to compose a sonic dreamscape, fully realizing that dreams are weird and not always black and white. The music rests between peaceful and chaotic states, allowing the listener to come up with their own story while engaging with the piece.” – Matthew Dear on the DELQA Project

The project will be open next week from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Thursday and Friday, and from 11:00 AM -6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. In order to attend you must RSVP through DELQA’s official site.

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