Matt Altman Releases “Shimokage’s Curse” on Alt Records

Author : Mark Grossane
November 23, 2022

Matt Altman Releases “Shimokage’s Curse” on Alt Records

Matt Altman releases a new hypnotic techno track “Shmokage’s Curse” off an upcoming EP set to release on Alt Records.

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This EP by Matt Altman was inspired by the infamous Japanese found footage horror movie (Koji Shiraishi) and sets an uneasy rhythm with a keening but grooved out first track “November 12, 2002”.

Without pause “Junko’s Possession” starts steady but the eeriness returns with haunting drones peering through the mist of a relentless synth line and crisp beats.

Altman takes care to maintain his timbral thread with “Kana’s Vessel” which shifts into a breathless pace bearing a hypnotic melody. This swirling pace continues through “Kobayashi’s Search For The Truth” as percussion hits the listener from all angles.

The mystery deepens with “Shimokage’s Curse” which is peppered with hi-hats and infected with a bleep that begins sweetly but swerves into a more sinister attack with “The Curse That Ends In Flames”.

It all ends with “The Wrath Of Kagutaba”, here muffled rhythmic shrieks counterpoint a subdued beep line that twists and devolves into harmonic rage and back, never offering the listener solace.

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