Matasism Blends Trance Elements With Hard Hitting Techno

Author : Kevin Ching
February 22, 2022

Matasism Blends Trance Elements With Hard Hitting Techno

Italian-American producer Matasism, debuts on BPitch with his four-track EP Can You Feel My Soul. Matasism launched his own label Mätäsism in 2017, releasing exclusively via the platform until very recently. The title track of the EP is a high energy, hypnotic driving track with a trance like twist.

Listen Now: Matasism “Can You Feel My Soul” – BPitch

The track begins with a twisted vocal sample leading into the big punchy techno kicks all fans look for. A slowly evolving dark melody carries throughout the track as more large drum elements and hypnotic synths are brought in. Eventually the main idea of the track is brought in which has a trance like quality with a warm dark feel. While the main trance melodies evolve in the break, the vocal sample makes its full reveal leading into the “techno dry drop”, creating that energetic contrast of simple hard hitting kicks that get the listener pumped.

“Can You Feel My Soul” is a perfect blend of trance elements, peak time techno with a lush hypnotic sound. The track provides a great back drop for any dark warehouse party. It’s simple, dark, eerily beautiful and effective.

Can You Feel My Soul  EP is out now on BPitch

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