Marco Carola Plays 24 Hour Set at Sunwaves

Author : Lee Trotter
May 04, 2015

Marco Carola Plays 24 Hour Set at Sunwaves

Marco Carola Sunwaves

A marathon set is a special occasion. It is the ultimate test for a DJ both mentally and physically, but also requires a special crowd and atmosphere in order for the marathon to achieve those special moments. Italian tech house don, Marco Carola, just took things up a level with a legendary 24 hour marathon at Sunwaves Festival in Romania. You read that right…Sunwaves Festival.

We normally hear of such marathons going down at clubbing institutions such as Space or Amnesia, but for this to occur in a festival setting is remarkable. As much as it is a testament to Carola’s endurance, it is also a major tip of the cap to the people and audience at Sunwaves for providing the energy and atmosphere for such a landmark event to take place. Sunwaves undoubtedly had other incredible sets. The festival prides itself on hosting local Romanian talent such as Barac, Praslea, Livio & Roby, Raresh, amongst others, but Marco Carola’s 24 hour set will certainly be the talk of the weekend. Although rumor has it that Rhadoo put down a 35 hour session once upon a time…Romanian folklore? Probably not.

It raises the question as to how something like this happened at a festival where other artists were probably scheduled to perform. Several regular attendees of Sunwaves Festival have stated that this spot is generally reserved for marathon sets to close out the weekend. This weekend Marco Carola provided a plethora of grooves during his 24 hour set, and opinion aside about how it began, one thing is certain and it’s that Carola put forth a set that will not be soon forgotten.

Videos are already starting to flood the internet of the marathon, so for those wanting to see part of the madness there’s plenty of material to watch. This video of Marco Carola dropping the Groovesh Edit of Audio Werner’s Rocket is a good place to start.