Marc Antona Dissonant World Podcast

Author : Lee Trotter
November 17, 2014

Marc Antona Dissonant World Podcast

Marc Antona AZ

Today we kick start Monday with a mix from Marc Antona (Dissonant) that redefines open-air vibes. Playing to a vibrant crowd of snakes, hawks, and desert wildlife, Antona delivers the minimalistic rolling grooves that Dissonant is so well known for.

This edition of the Dissonant World Podcast took their team into the desert of Arizona, creating a backdrop of pure beauty for the set. Dissonant and all of the artists on their roster have the ability to craft electronic music in a way that seems so effortless, but produces a result that can satisfy the mind and body alike. This mix by Marc Antona is no exception.

Antona follows through with all the ingredients that make for a well-rounded mix. His ability to layer multiple sounds and percussions in the frequency spectrum allows him to take the listener on a journey through music and sound. While the mix is mostly groove oriented, there are those perfect moments of filtered chord stabs and analog leads that make this mix feel very sophisticated. If you’re in the mood for some deep techno from the Dissonant crew, take a listen to the full open air session below.