Mama Told Ya Debuts Earth-Inspired Compilation Featuring 19 DJs

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 08, 2022

Mama Told Ya Debuts Earth-Inspired Compilation Featuring 19 DJs

On July 15th 2022, Anetha will release the second seismic compilation on her label Mama Told Ya titiled Contre tout, toutes et tous, la terre demeure — the release comes just one year after ‘L’eau repousse les feux agressifs’. As for the label, Mama Told Ya is a young label with a creative engine for research, experimentation, and new mixtures.

The label primarily focuses on sharing and collaboration, with the ambition to get each artist out of their comfort zone, (including Anetha herself). In order to strive for greatness, the label exclusively promotes alternative artists who are ready to collaborate, challenge each other, and go beyond comfortability.

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In proof of the label’s forward-think perspectives, for the first time, it pushes their upcoming release with recycled vinyls — an ode to their theme that is a direct message from earth to earth. The compilation comes up with the collaboration of 19 artists and 19 tracks — all of which are divided into 4 vinyls. Anetha has brought together a generation of young electronic music artists from around the world to get their hands dirty and produce some solid gems.

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Entitled Contre tout, toutes et tous, la terre demeure, the EP will be the second of a series around the four elements.  Through the down-to-earth guest artists, to the release’s textured elements that are grainy, rhythmic, ethereal, and bursting — similar to earth’s eternal resilience — the release showcases that no matter what, yesterday, now, and tomorrow, the earth remains.

Premiere: Mac Declos “Trust your eyes” – Mama Told Ya

The track “You will respect me” (B2) resounds fiercely to that of demanding attention. From the feeling of racing through tunnels with unstoppable speed, the track “Tourmaline” (D2) demonstrates power with a unique mantra of quiet strength. As the listener digs deeper through the EP, they will experience a certain furiousness and boldness that the EP emulates with beats and breaks. Reaching “Cutecore” (H1), this track showcases the power and essence that the earth has over mortality — the earth always wins over its enemies, because earth remains.

“I created “Trust your eyes” at the beginning of 2021, during a time where I really wanted to experiment more vocals as a real lead in a song. I wanted to create a contrast between the first and second part. The first one is really based on drums and fxs, all linked by an arpeggio. As for the second one, it is more minimalist and really “less is more” vibe. This track is a really a good foretaste of what my next releases (maybe a full LP on Mama told ya ahah ?) will look like.” – Mac Declos

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Overall, all of the deepest depths of the release are about hearing the earth’s pulse which furrows and winds. As the listener, you are to be taken on a journey of weaving through every inch of the soil, ground, and land. You are also to experience the feeling of the earth being alive as it crawls, vibrates, groans, whispers, and complains.

As for the album artwork, it has been entrusted to visual artist lei1.6, who delivers a cataclysmic wrath scenery where the ground rises up, ready to wreck everything on its path. Diplomatie Studio took care of the design and mastering was entrusted to Sixbitdeep.

01. Öspiel – Bee Spleen
02. Tahl – Kuvira Kombat
03. Anetha – How would they know
04. Drazzit – You will respect me
05. Paul Copping – Ghost
06. 74185# – Pink kink
07. Gutkein – Morning sex truck
08. Mac Declos – Trust your eyes
09. Elise Massoni – Tourmaline
10. Voiski – Rotator
11. Nebuchadnezzar – Link my pager
12. Valerie Ace – Creep Repellent
13. Nui.r – Intimate Rumblings
14. Luca Eck – Separated, yet still alive
15. Boo – Air is my element
16. Peachlyfe – Effeminate Pastimes
17. Onleash – Poppers delight
18. Ida Engelhardt – Cutecore
19. Schacke – Fashion Chronic

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