Making the Jump from Funky to Dark, Natasha Turns to Techno

Natasha Feel No Pain Techno
Author : Kevin Ching
October 06, 2021

Making the Jump from Funky to Dark, Natasha Turns to Techno

Breaking through in 2016, Natasha is no stranger to the underground scene. Her early days, encompassing a wide spectrum of Funky House through to Techno, saw her become a household name whilst molding her signature sound. Now described as dark and driving, Natasha has sculpted a unique spin to the system, soon securing residencies with renowned brands such as We Are The Brave, Con7rol and Motion Bristol, illustrating her far-reaching appeal, the eminent Motion has become her second home where she plays throughout the year. Natasha spoke with 6AM about her “Feel No Pain” premiere, what prompted her to make the switch from funky house to techno and how authenticity is key for growing as an artist.

Hi Natasha, thanks so much for taking time with us, how’s everything across the pond in the UK?

Thank you for having me. A lot better here now… finally!

You originally started playing funky house and other genres, so what made you switch your focus to techno?

I found my sound, the more I played the more I moved to Techno. I love the dark/peak/driving style of techno. It’s what made me, me. Once I found my sound, and how it made me feel there was no going back.

You’ve had the opportunity to release mixes on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave, how did that come about?

I played just after Alan at an event in my hometown in 2019, he watched my set and then watched my journey. I then became a resident for We are the Brave so I’m doing my third mix for them this week. It will be out on the 14th of October!

Natasha Feel No Pain Techno

Courtesy of Natasha PR

Getting billed with the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Boxia, Charlotte Di Witte, Dense & Pika, and SLAM must be a great feeling. Are there any particular “pinch me moments” that stand out to you?

My favorite pinch-me moment was playing the main stage at Motion for both of my residences, which are We Are The Brave and Motion Bristol, it was a class lineup. I loved them both coming together and felt it was the start of something special.

“I found my sound, the more I played the more I moved to techno.”

Natasha on why she switched to Techno

Congrats on your upcoming track “Feel No Pain.” What inspired this track and is there a story behind its name?

Thank you very much! It was made in lockdown, music is an escape for me as it is most people ‘And when it hits you, you’ll feel no pain’ just made sense to me. I was missing that feeling of a musical escape. It’s more melodic than my other tracks which are more peak/driving.

6AM Premiere: Natasha “Feel No Pain” – The AudioBloc

From when you first started down this artist journey to now, what has been one of your greatest lessons?

Sounds cliche, but be yourself. At the start, I wanted it all very quickly but as time has gone on the hard work, determination and constant learning have made me appreciate and develop into an artist that I am proud of – I still have a long way to go and I’m happy with that.

Looking back on your career, what’s one thing you’ve most struggled with as an artist and what’s helped you manage that challenge?

For most the pandemic has been the biggest challenge, how to stay motivated, how to give it that 110%, when is the best time to release music? I struggled through that time but tried remaining hopeful. Pushing myself to feel optimistic knowing this is what I am supposed to be doing. So, coming out of it with an EP, I felt proud for pushing it through.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I hope you like the EP and many more to come. Thank you for having me.

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