Maddux- Zebra Walk EP

Author : Victor Arellano
January 09, 2016

Maddux- Zebra Walk EP


In the scope of underground house and techno music, it’s safe to say there are always primary names that come to mind. Think – Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Dubfire, etc, etc. These are the names we associate with the scene because, well, their names are not so underground. When we think underground, what resonates is “what is not heard of yet”. With that being said, it’s always refreshing to see local names that are not so much on the international circuit yet making music and a name for themselves with clean sounding underground house. Maddux, Nathan Clement, and Anderson M came together with the “Zebra Walk EP” this past December 7th released on BC2 records. The release proves you don’t need international recognition to make international sounding dance music.

All three tracks are filled with atmosphere that eludes a type of serene and hypnotic soundscape. Each remix has its own unique breakdown hardly using elements from the original track’s amazing tribal sounding breakdown which gives each track its own distinct build up, which makes for a more eclectic sounding EP. The original track by Maddux is definitely one for Tech House lovers, while Nathan Clements remix has a bit more progressive flare, and Anderson M’s mix following suit.

You can catch all three of these guys playing around Los Angeles, Orange County, Sand Diego, and Las Vegas almost every weekend. If you think this release is good, just browse the rest of their catalogs on Soundcloud and Beatport. You’d be surprised as to what kind of talent is near you. In the words of Carl Cox: “Your favorite artist was once a local artist. Don’t wait till they blow up to start supporting.”

You can get a copy Zebra Walk on Beatport.