Mad Stacks: SHADED Shares His Current 10 Favorite Tracks

SHADED Mad Stacks
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 26, 2020

Mad Stacks: SHADED Shares His Current 10 Favorite Tracks

Forever pushing musical boundaries whilst producing a distinctive and evolving sound, SHADED brings his Southern California roots to Hot Creations with Mad Stacks, now officially out. No stranger to the label following his High. Alive. And Dirty. EP, Demuir is onboard to deliver a solid remix.

SHADED describes how Mad Stacks is the latest iteration of his sound:

“It appeals to the Tech-House side of the spectrum, as well as the Techno side. I have always felt my music was able to dance along that fine line. Mad Stacks is rooted in my deep love of hip hop music and that West Coast California “G-funk” vibe. Simplistic, pumping, and oozing with attitude.” He also explains how he experiments with his own vocals. “People never believe they are mine. I have so much fun writing little vocal hooks, bits that stick in peoples’ heads. ‘Mad Stacks’ just sounded dope.” – SHADED

Mentored and inspired by Ali ‘Dubfire’ Shirazinia, SHADED first appeared as part of the duo SHDWPLAY, who released a string of successful releases on SCI+TEC. He ventured down the solo path with releases on Tiga’s Turbo imprint, including the label’s best-selling release and Mixmag’s ‘Tune of the Month’. He’s also a key associate with Oliver Huntemann’s Senso: appearing on the 5th birthday release. SHADED is now working to finalise a new two-hour live Audio Visual show tailored to his style and vision.

With the track now out, we asked SHADED to share with us the 10 tracks he is feeling most at the moment!

Colyn “The Future Is The Past” – DGTL

‘Heard this for the first time a few days ago and was instantly into it. Ethereal, new wave-y, and futuristic all in one. Love it.’

Joyce Muniz “Glass Mistress” – PETS RECORDINGS

‘All I can say is TUNE! Joyce always kills it but this track for me is one of her best.’

Denis Cruz “Freaks” – Hot Creations

‘My kind of tech house. Big low end sub, chubby and chuggy, with a dope simple vocal. This tracks grooves.’

Matador “Duster” – Rukus

Just a rad vibe with this one. Good for those early morning wake up calls to get the body moving.

Boy Harsher “Motion” – Ascetic House

Attitude dark wave-y vibes with a bite. Big fan since recently finding out about them. Everything they do is fire.

Grimes & i_o “Violence” – 4AD

She just always delivers. Not much more to say.

Kraftwerk “Aero Dynamik” – Parlaphone

2009 remastered – RIP Florian, your music has changed generations and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Audiojack ft. Kevin Knapp “Vibrate” – Hot Creations

This track for me was HUGE when it came out. Super simple, but it just pumps! Smashes dance floors.

Dusky “Careless” – AUS Music

Just really good house music. Puts me in a good mood and I love it.

SHADED “Mad Stacks” – Hot Creations

Self-promotion with this one. My new tune out on Hot Creations and I am super psyched! Give it a listen. Dance floor lava! (laughs)

SHADED “Mad Stacks” EP is out on Hot Creations and available HERE

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