M.F.S: Observatory Celebrate New Release with Maya Jane Coles

M.F.S: Observatory discuss their new releases, collaborating remotely and more
Author : Matt Draper
June 29, 2021

M.F.S: Observatory Celebrate New Release with Maya Jane Coles

M.F.S: Observatory consists of Mattia Turchetti and Francesco Cozzolino. Originally from Naples, the duo is now based in the U.K. Most recently, M.F.S: Observatory collaborated with Maya Jane Coles on a two-track EP. Over the years they have released tracks on labels such as Green Velvet’s Relief Records as well as Food Music UK and Viva Music. In between working in the studio and playing gigs, they manage their own label Observatory Music which has featured releases from themselves as well as carefully selected friends and producers such Wyatt Marhsall, Ben Murphy and Lubelski.  6AM recently caught up with the duo to discuss their newest releases, how they were able to work together when apart, and hopes for the future.

Hi guys, thanks for chatting with us today. Where are you located at the moment?

Hey, thank you for inviting us for the interview, it is always exciting for us when we have an opportunity to talk about music. So, right now, we are currently in different locations, Mattia is in London and Francesco in Naples. We work remotely with each other production-wise and meet for gigs to play together. We are also happy to play separately. We’re able to connect wherever we are [located].

Congratulations on a huge year again, collaborating with Maya Jane Coles, and a forthcoming E.P. on Hannah Wants’ etiquette. label. How are you feeling about these releases? How did the collaboration with Maya come about?

We are so excited about the EP in collaboration with Maya, and we still do not believe it. Sometimes we still find we are pinching ourselves to check that it actually happened, or [if] it was just a really nice dream.

So, we worked with Maya on this EP from September going back and forth and tweaking things on both sides. One month ago, we decided that to release it in June would be the best time. Kicking off summer with the hope that parties [would be] slowly [returning].

A strong positive for us is that we are both open to new ideas, and testing new sounds and elements

M.F.S: Observatory on how they collaborate

June turned out to be a proud month for us. We are also so happy about the upcoming EP on Hannah Wants‘ label Etiquette. Another one from our personal bucket list. We worked very hard in the studio and sent a lot of demos to Hannah. Hoping that even just some tracks would resonate. After a while, we found the perfect tracks for the EP and in honesty, we couldn’t be happier with the final selection. Can’t wait to get it out to the dance floors.

Listen: M.F.S: Observatory & Maya Jane Coles New Release “Know About”


There are two of you, in separate locations. How does this work when producing music? Do you both finish individual tracks? or are you both in and out of your D.A.W. working on the same projects?

It is not always easy, to be honest, but we found an excellent way to work with Zoom we can share high-quality sound. With the remote control, we can modify the project. Another way to work is to swap the projects. For example, if I (Mattia) start a track, Francesco will finish or vice versa.

We love a particular sound that we both connect on [and] would say it is somewhere between tech-house and techno

M.F.S: Observatory describing their sound and style

As mentioned, musically, we are very well connected and despite the distance often our ideas are aligned. The processes can be different every time, but the outcome seems to more often than not, be something we are proud of. A strong positive for us is that we are both open to new ideas, and testing new sounds and elements. We think this helps our sound develop with no restrictions, despite being so far away.

What else do you have coming up we might not know about? Any more huge M.F.S. news you can hit us up with?

We will have a release on our label in July Observatory Music and in August, we will come back on Steve Lawler’s label Ivav Recordings with a four-track EP. So we have continuously busy times for us in the studio and release schedule. Once the pandemic is fully under control, we hope we can translate this energy into gigs and begin to travel showcasing our sound to new audiences we have reached in the past years.

So, other than Maya, who else do you dream to collaborate with?

The bar is already quite high. I think other than Maya, it would be 100%, Ricardo Villalobos. A name we are certain, many people would say in answer to this question. We love his music style and his production. Can you imagine how much you would learn from him even in just one day in the studio? A pioneer of our time, it goes without saying.

Do you always plan to stay digital with Observatory Music? Or would you also think about entering the world of vinyl. Are you collecting records at all? Do you have a preference when DJing?

At the moment, we will continue with digital output, but we would love in the future to switch OBM into an only vinyl label. Holding your music in a physical form as opposed to digital is something we strive to achieve one day. When the moment is right for us, we know the transition will be waiting.

Especially during the last year, we are collecting many records, more time at home meant more digging online. We love playing with vinyl records, and we hope soon we will able to play a nice set in a club on a great sound system, sharing some of our collection with a crowd.

What do you look for when searching for music for the label? Particular sounds? Vibes?

We love a particular sound that we both connect on. We would say it is somewhere between tech-house and techno. We are trying to switch step-by-step the label into more Detroit techno style because in recent years that is the vibe that really does it for us. We know for sure that taste is always developing, so who knows what avenues we will explore with the label in the next times.

If somebody has never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound in three words?

Unique, Energetic, and Underground. Thanks for having us on board.

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