Luke Slater Returns as Planetary Assault Systems With Remixed EP

Luke Slater
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
May 25, 2022

Luke Slater Returns as Planetary Assault Systems With Remixed EP

Since releasing his full-length LP Sky Scraping, Luke Slater is back as Planetary Assault Systems with another iconic EP titled Devotion. The track “Devotion” opens the EP with what can only be described as raw drum machine psychosis. Slater whips up multiple, classic tom-based 909 sequences with impact — he keeps things straight to the point before introducing the defining vocal sample. Slater also appoints complementary scene Truncate and Barker for the remixes as well

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Wasting no time with 1 bar melodies, Slater boosts up the resonance and LFO rates to create hypnotic textures on the track. It comes as no surprise that “Devotion” was picked up by Los Angeles’s DJ Truncate for the remix. Truncate remixes the track by stripping it down to its bare essentials and emphasizing the rumbling kicks. He also gives the track his own flare of groove elements that build stylistic progression throughout the track.

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Premiere: Planetary Assault Systems Devotion (Truncate Remix) – Token Records

The track “Eden Tide’ is then introduced within the EP. Here, Planetary Assault Systems fans can find comfort in the cosmic synth lines and ambiance that ironically justify Luke Slater’s Planetary alias. “Eden Tide” glides with groove shaker-like hi-hats, and its hypnotic structure will no doubt pull and keep listeners drawn in. And, who better to add to this track than a remix from Berghain resident Barker, who takes things even further with his signature kickless techno style.

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Always picking up on the details, Barker takes advantage of the space given by Slater to offer his rendition within “Eden Tide”. Barker lifts the mood with melody and dives into delayed dubs that are filled with psychedelia. His flare concludes the end of the Devotion with a certain smoothness that gives the EP a comfortable ending.


A1: Devotion

A2: Devotion (Truncate Remix)

B1: Eden Tide

B2: Eden Tide (Barker Remix)

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