Luis Miranda Returns to KD RAW

Luis Miranda KD RAW
Author : Max Spruill
May 16, 2023

Luis Miranda Returns to KD RAW

Kaiserdisco welcome the return of Luis Miranda to their record label KD RAW, and it’s a slamming techno EP with vigorous grooves. It’s Luis Miranda’s second solo EP on KD RAW featuring three of his original tracks alongside a remix by DJ Dextro.

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Luis Miranda is a Spanish artist from Madrid who now lives in Los Angeles, America. His fast-paced percussion, jacking vocal samples and modulating synth lines are all on display with this release that showcases the raw side of his sound.

Other record labels to feature Luis Miranda’s music include AnalyticTrail, Tronic, Odd, Codex, and JAM. There are three of his original tracks on this new EP plus a remix by Portugal’s DJ Dextro who delivers a high-octane rework in the style he has released on labels like Suara and Naked Lunch.

The EP’s title track “Morituri” is first up with its hypnotic lead synth, fizzing ride cymbals and high-velocity percussion. Next up is “Tarumba” which has a sense of urgency created by the lead synth’s upbeat intensity, and the flowing rhythms of the relentless percussion. “Tikis Mikis” has muffled synth stabs and explosive vocal phrases that add a jerking aggression to the groove.

Last but not least, DJ Dextro provides a hot and heavy remix of Tikis Mikis which adds prominent synth stabs that layer with the original’s synths and vocal.

Buy the release here.

Luis Miranda – Morituri EP (Incl. DJ Dextro Remix) – KD RAW 093

Connect with Luis Miranda: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Beatport