“Lovewasinme” by Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon Gets Remixes by Khan and Tallmen 785

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 11, 2018

“Lovewasinme” by Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon Gets Remixes by Khan and Tallmen 785

When you receive a press release like the following, there is no way we cannot use it to introduce the two remixes of Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon’s “Lovewasinme” by Khan and Tallmen 785. And the introduction comes from Khan (Of Finland) himself!

“Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon how the fuck did that happen?

Or better ask: how did this young band end up on a record box-set called Psych Box with Hawkwind, MC5, Nico and Kim Fowley out on Cleopatra Records? And if that was not enough they toured Europe with Dinosaur Jr. in Beyoncé’s custom made night-liner for a whole freakin’ month.

So you would think these guys sit back and get their hard-disks sucked but instead they keep partying and drop ecstasy at Berghain where Khan used to host a monthly party called Smegma with DJ Nd Baumecker presenting bands like The Gossip, GusGus, Opal Bastards or even Lady Gaga.

Wild Style Lion is Philipp Virus and Khan Of Finland a hard working producer-duo from Berlin. Tallmen 785 responsible for the B-side remix who already reworked for the likes of Little Dragon or his good fella Scuba.
Wild Style Lion currently working on a transgender Hip Hop project with mc BIG T shooting to drop a 12” in fall 2018 and a new full length album in spring 2019.

Anything else I forget to mention?” – Khan (Of Finland)

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