Lorenzo Magnozzi: 5 Italian Producers Who Have Influenced My Career

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 30, 2019

Lorenzo Magnozzi: 5 Italian Producers Who Have Influenced My Career

Eclectic, multifaceted and hypnotic, Lorenzo Magnozzi presents himself with the slogan “music is freedom of introspection.”

For him, music is an elementary presupposition necessary for life, an instrument of liberation and love. He was born in Pisa, a great Italian city for art, in 1992 and fell in love with electronic music very early listening to the old rave recordings of the Italian techno movement of the ’90s and coming into contact with artists such as Sven Ricardo Villalobos, Plastikman, Underworld , and Luciano. Lorenzo took his first steps in the DJ booth around 2006 at the young age of 14, and his passion for music since lead him to fall in love with music traveling to clubs and festivals around Europe, from Frankfurt to Ibiza, from the UK to the Netherlands, and from Spain to France, collecting vinyl records from all over the world, discovering new places, new people and new sounds.

It would be unfair to categorize his sound, it’s an introspection of himself and his constant personal developments. With tracks played and supported by many international artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Dana Ruh, Raresh, Tobi Neumann and Nastia, Lorenzo has gone on to give life to his record label called Introspection Recordings, launched in 2005 as a platform of and for artists and musicians, a fusion of music and art, a union of all the elements, physical and psychological to create a single identity. His DJ sets are the result of creative and inventive research that can vary from House to Techno, through the most diverse sound atmospheres that create environments where reality overcomes imagination.

We asked Lorenzo to look back at his career and share with us 5 Italian artists he feels have made an indelible impression and influence on who he is today as an artist.

My idea and consideration about Italian producers and the market is now a very positive one. The economic crisis and the market change of the last ten years undoubtedly led to not being able to fully develop new ideas, create and release music.

In recent years in Italy, as well as in Europe and in the world, the market and the distribution of music, from the club and festival aspect as well as in discography, is changing and it’s finally solidifying more and more. We, artists who make music, are increasingly protected and we have many more opportunities to make people listen what we create.

Music has brought its market to the highest levels, is constantly growing and other great values such as vinyl are returning as loyalty to music. The vision of clubs as a meeting and sharing point thanks to those who believed in these values, has developed reality throughout Italy, new, creative, and with a strong identity.

Italy is a very competitive country and in the last 15 years this has become even more so, with social networks and the infinite variety of processes to make music. Great artists have marked the roots of the techno and house movement in this country since the ’80s with all the new Italo Disco up to techno, trance, house and minimal movements of the ’90s and 2000s, in parallel with the new electronic and classical artists such as Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi, the master Ennio Morricone and Giorgio Moroder and all the old and young artists that are appearing throughout the electronic scene, dance, rap, hip hop, songwriting, soul, rock and much more.

I want to talk about 5 Italian producers who have influenced my artistic process, exclusively for 6AM readers.

Alex Neri

I know Alex very well, I’ve always followed him as a DJ, and I have his records on Tenax Recordings and Planet Funk. For me he is one of the greatest Italian artists of all time both as a musician, producer and as a milestone DJ of one of the best clubs in the world Tenax — a club that I particularly love.

Alex has supported my music many times and I hope to give him a copy of our new vinyl-only Various Artists Introspection LDT001with me, Matthew Redden, E-dward! and BCFHBH all featured. He is a true master of the trade, being able to exchange two words with him is like studying for ten years, a master of artistic life, music, sound and DJing. Some of his records have been and have been in my record bag for almost 10 years. Love you Alex.

Francesco Del Garda

Born in 1978, for me, Francesco is one of the most introspective, futuristic Italian talents and one whom I’ve loved very much in the last ten years. Over the years he made me realize how important and immersive life is for a DJ who plays vinyl, with the total and crazy search for unique classical and modern pieces, a compulsive and introvert researcher, a wizard of records, the archaeologist of the musical space. A master of DJing he runs the Timeless label for which I have great respect and esteem. He is, in my opinion, one of the purest talents of the last ten years, and one of the best DJs in the world.


Fabio Della Torre

I love Fabio very much. When I heard him for the first time I was at Tenax in Florence and he warmed the dancefloor for Richie Hawtin, all this 10 or 12 years ago. I’ve known him for a long time and we often feel like sharing music. He’s a man with very strong charisma and he has always been a great inspiration for me. His label Bosconi Records was one of the first labels to enter my record bag and even today there is always a Bosconi record inside my bag. Much love to you Fabio.


Giovanni Verrina

I met Giovanni many years ago. It was about 2006 or 2007 I think, during the Wake Up party in Genova where he was warming up the dance floor for a young Seth Troxler, Raresh, and other superstar DJs. We met a lot of times around Europe and he always supports and listens to my music and Introspection Recordings. Owner, together with Germano Ventura, of one of the most played labels by Ricardo Villalobos for me Giovanni has always been a father of the DJ booth, a great label owner and producer.

Francesco Farfa

Francesco is one of the first DJs I ever heard playing in my life, back in Tuscany when I was 14-15 years old. Later I had the pleasure of playing at the same parties also in Tuscany.

In 2015 one of my tracks ‘19×7’ was also part of a Various Artists release on his Audio Esperanto label.

Great inspiration for me as a producer, his incredible discography from the ’90s to today boasts historical pieces like “Universal Love,” and his musical research and DJing technique with up to three turntablesis recognized worldwide.

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