Lorenzo De Blanck Releases “Hey Baby” on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 15, 2022

Lorenzo De Blanck Releases “Hey Baby” on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax

Hottrax is a well-established record label run by Jamie Jones and it’s the imprint that first introduced Patrick Topping to the world. The record label is a stripped-back and techy sibling to Hot Creations, which is Jamie Jones’ other label project. Now, the latest Hottrax release comes from the Italian artist Lorenzo De Blanck.

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Lorenzo De Blanck first appeared on Hottrax in 2022, and he is making a much-anticipated return with this three-track EP titled Hey Baby. “Hey Baby” is the EP’s title track, and it kick-starts the release with fluttering synths and diva-ish vocals that are underpinned by the bumping notes of the bassline.

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Next up is the tribal percussion and disco-infused track “Take Me High” which has a nice blend of textures and techy energy that also contrasts nicely with the clever use of a sampled disco loop that’s teased through the track. Closing out the release is the bouncy synth line of “Central Station” that’s characterized by its Run-DMC sample. This final track incorporates a hypnotic flow and a techy, infectious groove that you can’t help but shuffle your body to.

Listen: Lorenzo De Blanck “Hey Baby” – Hottrax

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