Lorenzo Dada Shifts Focus To Smaller Dance Floors With His “Oslo” EP

Lorenzo Dada - Oslo
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 25, 2020

Lorenzo Dada Shifts Focus To Smaller Dance Floors With His “Oslo” EP

The latest release on Electronic Music Division comes from label boss Lorenzo Dada and is titled Oslo. The imprint was launched by Dada from the existing Electronic Music Division school, a music school located in Rome Italy dedicated to electronic music and new technologies.

The label is dedicated mainly to the students of the school and to new talents. Electronic Music Division is also an event company that hosts events and live streams in clubs and artistic locations like art galleries and museums.

Oslo is a collection of tracks by Lorenzo Dada created using the equipment in the EMD studio. Part of this three-tracker is “Cozy Night”, built around raw analogue and groove elements, designed specifically for the small dance floors of today.

As we readied to premiere “Cozy Night” for you today, we also grabbed a virtual chat with Lorenzo Dada to see what he has been up to during COVID-19 lockdown months.

Lorenzo, amazing to speak with you today. Where are you in the world right now? How have you found lockdown over the past few months?

Hey guys I am glad to do this interview. I am in Rome my home town. The situation in Italy as you know was really bad but now we are doing better. Too many people have died, we will never forget 2020. Parties and the music scene are slowly moving forward in the safest way possible.

The only good thing about the lockdown is the creativity for sure, I published my first music sheet book for piano on Musica Contemporanea called piano solo.

You are set to release your Oslo EP very soon, tell us a bit about the story behind this collection.

I have never been to Oslo but I really want too, that has always was the plan over the past few year before the lockdown so it will be the first city I will visit. The three tracks I made are for the post-lockdown dance floor.

What made you want to set up the Electronic Music Division?

Electronic Music Division is the electronic section of the Centro Studi Musicali Roma – a family music academy here in Rome which has been around since 1983. I wanted to start this because we have more than 300 students every year and it was the right moment to do a section just for electronic music. We have so many talented guys that’s why I decided to start the record label as well.

The EP was made from equipment from the school, can you guide us through some of the most used analogue pieces?

The main studio in our school has many analog options. For this EP I used a Pittsburgh Modular Eurorack along with some extra modules by Mutable Instruments like Clouds and Plaits. A recent piece is the Moog grandmother epic baseline and arpeggiator. I played the main piano part in the track ‘Oslo’ with the Korg Minilogue, Digitone + the vintage Roland Space Echo.

You have such a rich history with classical music, how do you feel this has affected the sound you produce today?

As I always say to my students, “music is not easy”. Classical roots are the base for any kind of music. The more theory you know, the better music you will make. For my own personal taste, of course, classical electronic has been my thing, like piano live set and my new project Modular Piano. I like to make Deep House and Minimal jazz as well. I am opening to anything.

Which club or festival are you most looking forward to playing at when life begins to go back to normal?

I really hope this situation will be back to normal. I know that many clubs are definitely closed and that’s very sad. I am not really thinking about playing in clubs at this moment I am more focus on other things like compositions and musical scores.

What will be the first song back when you open your set?

Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City

Lorenzo Dada Oslo EP is out on Electronic Division Records and available HERE

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