Look After Your Vinyl With This New Illustrated Guide

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 26, 2017

Look After Your Vinyl With This New Illustrated Guide

Buying your first record and not sure how to properly store it? Already have a collection and looking to improve on your skills as a collector?

Freshly new record label Float had you in mind when they commissioned an illustrated guide that gives vinyl owners like you the important need-to-know information on how to best look after your records.

The seven-point guide can be found on the inner sleeve of their debut release by Andrea Belfi called Ore — a collection of tracks filled with stirring, percussive minimalism. As The Vinyl Factory reports, “the guide references the designs of by-gone major label inner sleeves that would carry related records or further instructions as standard.”

Float have shared the first four steps of the guide with TVF in honor of the release of Ore. For the rest of the guide and to get your hands on the beautiful album you can head to Float’s website here.



1. Storage We never like to see a record stacked with its face down. Not only does it hide its beautiful cover – but imagine the feeling of being squashed by twenty of your friends. To stop your record from warping – store upright.


2. Light Your record is not friends with the sun. Be sensitive to this. Please do not go running around with it in the park. Try to keep your records stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


3. Water The precious little thing hates water too. It will however need a light brush every now and then. Instead of taking the record into the bath with you – wipe clean with a microfiber cloth, following the grooves of the record in a circular motion.


4. Sleeves When stored, your record likes to be cosy and covered up. This inner-sleeve is like your record’s jumper. Keeping it in its sleeve ensures it is safe, comfortable and free from dust.

Illustrations: Hannah Burrough
Words: Robbie Wojciechowski and Float
Layout: Francis Redman

H/T: The Vinyl Factory

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