London Assembly Considers New Drug Safety Measures for Nightclubs

London assembly
Author : Skylar Schossberger
March 26, 2022

London Assembly Considers New Drug Safety Measures for Nightclubs

London Assembly’s Health Committee published a report arguing that drug checking services should be provided at clubs and music events in London to combat drug fatalities in the city. Drug-related deaths in England and Wales are at their highest level since comparable statistics began.

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Caroline Russell AM, Chair of the Health Committee, said in a press statement:

Too many people are still dying from drug-related causes in London. We investigated how to address this tragedy and find out what practical, life-saving interventions could be used to reduce drug harm in our city.

Our investigation found that naloxone could save someone‚Äôs life if it’s used quickly after an opioid overdose. That is why we are urging the Mayor to ensure the Met routinely carry naloxone, a simple and proven way to reduce opioid deaths.

Additional measures recommended in our report, such as a pilot for safe drug consumption rooms and the introduction of drug checking services, can start to bring down the growing numbers of people sadly losing their lives due to problematic drug use.

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The report urges the Government to adopt a national naloxone program in England already adopted by Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It also asks that the Metropolitan police station provide officers with nasal naloxone spray when they come in contact with drug users who are in danger of overdosing.

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