Lobster Theremin Delivers the Debut Album from Julian Muller

Julian Muller - Lobster Theremin
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 31, 2020

Lobster Theremin Delivers the Debut Album from Julian Muller

Comprising of ten originals from French artist Julian Muller, Playing With The Devil is the latest album scheduled for release on Lobster Theremin.

Belgium-based French producer, DJ and Initial Berlin label owner Julian Muller has been slowly making his mark on the contemporary Techno scene over the past few years.

Muller initially stepped into the limelight as one half of 90 Process alongside Hadone, with releases on Pushmaster Discs and 10 Pills Mate before going solo and delivering material for the likes of Arts Collective, Blue Hour, Bipolar Disorder and of course Lobster Theremin which will release his inaugural long player here.

Across the Playing With The Devil LP Muller delivers his signature high octane aesthetic, fusing raw energetic rhythms with ethereal synth work and rave-leaning influence.

Tracks like ‘His Spirit All Around’, ‘Not Afraid’ and ‘Inner Fire’ all perfectly showcase Julian’s influence from early Hardcore, Trance and Rave music while contributions like opening cut ‘Final Devolution’, ‘Shaping The Future’ and ‘Leaving Earth’ edge towards a softer, more musical side with hints of Detroit Techno and early 2000’s IDM.

Muller also explores more glitched out electronica styles with choppy breaks, baroquely evolving synth melodies and cinematic soundscapes ebbing and flowing throughout ‘Come To Play With Us’ and ‘Eternal Damnation’. All in all resulting in a complete long player perfectly encapsulating Muller broad sonic palette.

This is a fantastic and fitting release on Lobster Theremin, the iconic record label curated and run by Jimmy Asquith.

Track List:

1. Final Devotion
2. His Spirit All Around
3. Not Afraid
4. Shaping The Future
5. Leaving Earth
6. Inner Fire
7. Devil Talks
8. Come To Play With Us
9. Stronger Than Him
10.Eternal Damnation

Julien Muller Playing With The Devil LP is out September 25th via Lobster Theremin

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