Listen to Windows Startup Sounds Slowed Down 4,000%

Author : Lee Trotter
August 26, 2015

Listen to Windows Startup Sounds Slowed Down 4,000%


Windows 95 recently celebrated its 20th birthday. In honor of the machine and all it has provided humankind, one person has taken the Windows startup sounds, and slowed it down transforming them into pure ambient bliss. From Windows 95 to Windows XP, the textures created out of this technique yield incredible results of sonic manipulation. Evoking elements of a cinematic soundtrack, it’s hard to believe that such lush music and soundscapes could be the result of a six second startup sound for a computer.

Upon listening to these recordings it feels as if one is traveling through the different dimensions theorized in Interstellar…

The slowed down Windows startup sounds were uploaded by the Soundcloud user, ideoforms, and are available for free download. Have a listen to the original Windows 95 start up sound for reference, and then venture into the ambient journey with the rest of the versions listed in the Soundcloud player below.