Listen to These Inspiring Podcasts to Encourage Creativity

Inspiring podcasts
Author : Skylar Schossberger
October 04, 2021

Listen to These Inspiring Podcasts to Encourage Creativity

Speaking and listening are powerful acts. You can express yourself through speaking. This may be a liberating or cathartic experience. On the flip side, you can become attuned to yourself and the world around you through listening. Podcast episodes incorporate the best of both worlds. Whether you’re doing chores or making a long commute, podcasts are a great way to tune in, learn something new, and become inspired. Check out these inspiring podcasts that will awaken your inner creative spirit, nurture your curiosity, and help you believe in your own artistic and life endeavors.

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1. Unleash Your Creative Potential: Anna Lunoe – Create/Destroy

The Create/Destroy podcast is hosted by Anna Lunoe, a decorated producer, DJ, vocalist, radio host, and mother. Anna was inspired to produce her podcast knowing that she faced her own creative struggles as an aspiring artist. When she thought about the dichotomy between an individual’s ability to create or destroy, Anna decided that she wanted to help artists choose to create. Each episode promises a deep dive into her guest’s creative practice, the challenges of being an artist, and the resources and applicable tools that will ensure that you are on the side of creation.

“A hopeful conversation around creativity and true purpose.”

Anna Lunoe offers a rare glimpse into the history, lives, and mindset of the artists you love.
You can listen to the latest episode of Create/Destroy here.

Courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy

2. Know Your Roots: Nightclubbing – Red Bull Music Academy

Imagine you’re having a stellar night at a club. The music is sublime, the energy is contagious, and the vibe is just right. You know that this club has been a staple of the community for a long time and you wonder how many people have had similar nights in the same spot. At this point, you realize that this club is not just a place to party, it’s a space that carries the energy and dreams of so many people before you.

Nightclubbing is hosted by radio producer and reporter Julia Alsop and Todd L. Burns from Red Bull Music. The podcast aims to tell the story of iconic nightclubs through the voices of the owners, DJs, doormen and regulars who spent many nights inside of them. Episodes cover a range of topics. For example, an episode may delve into the music that’s being played inside a particular club. Another may cover a club’s door policies or the communities that evolved around a club. Nearly all the episodes will discuss a club’s impact on culture.

You can listen to the latest episode of Nightclubbing here.

3. Feed Your Mind: Darwin Grosse – Art + Music + Technology

Music technology can feel confusing for beginners and veterans alike. What is a Moog synthesizer? Does it have anything to do with cows? Darwin Grosse will answer your questions and more in the Art + Music + Technology podcast. The podcast was created as an ode to performers, artists, inventors, makers and teachers of art and music technology. Darwin interviews trailblazers in the art and music technology world every week. Tune into this podcast if you are curious about the possibilities of music technology, and how it can serve you in your own creative practice.

You can listen to the latest episode of Art + Music + Technology here.

4. Seek New Perspectives: Resident Advisor – RA Exchange

Resident Advisor (RA) has established itself as a prominent outlet for electronic music news and content. RA’s podcast RA Exchange occurs every week and provides meaningful discourse. So far, the podcast has featured 578 (and counting) conversations with artists, labels, and promoters impacting and cultivating the electronic music landscape. Irrespective of your creative goals or your life path, it is inspiring to hear from individuals who may share similar interests, backgrounds, and experiences with you. It’s also just as important to listen to individuals who share perspectives that are diverse from your own. A combination of both is fruitful for cultivating your own stamp of creativity.

You can listen to the latest episode of RA Exchange here.

5. Discover Hidden Gems: NOT 97

Courtesy of Amandla Baraka and NOT97

NOT 97 is a podcast devoted to discovering new music from talented, under-the-radar artists around the globe. For each episode, three hosts and one guest meet to talk about music they’ve found hidden in the rabbit hole of the world wide web. Each host and the guest offer two tracks each. The track must have been released in the last six to eight months, and the artist who produced the track must have under 10,000 followers. The team discusses what they hear and what the sound means to them for each track. Check out this podcast for fresh finds and interpretations, with peace of mind that the value of your creative work isn’t derived from being “known”.

You can listen to the latest episode of NOT 97 here.

6. Be the Change: Annie Macmanus – Changes with Annie Macmanus

When you listen to your favorite artists, you may not think about the changes they experienced to be where they are today. Consider that you may not even think about the changes that you have been through, either. Changes with Annie Macmanus – an Irish DJ, broadcaster and writer – is a podcast devoted to speaking about the biggest changes artists, writers, and musicians have overcome in their lives. The show also explores how change permeates life and how it has the power to derail you, define you, or inspire you.

You can listen to the latest episode of Changes with Annie Macmanus here.

7. Honorable Mention: Cera Khin – technomentalhealth

One aspect of the electronic music industry that isn’t discussed often is mental health. Late nights, hectic touring schedules, and being in the public view are just some examples of pressures that can impact an artist’s mental health. Berlin-based producer, DJ and Lazy Tapes boss Cera Chin founded Insta page technomentalhealth to address these pressures and help artists manage and protect their mental health. Although this isn’t a podcast, Cera’s work is important because it is about being the best version of yourself, for yourself.

You can check out the page here.