Listen to 6 Hours of Fort Romeau on the Dekmantel Podcast

Author : Lee Trotter
October 20, 2015

Listen to 6 Hours of Fort Romeau on the Dekmantel Podcast

fort Rom

It’s generally accepted that an extended set is one of the only ways to truly experience a DJ in his or her element. It’s safe to say that Fort Romeau is in his element on this 6 hour journey through the Dekmantel Podcast.

Recorded at Corsica in London, the mix encompasses everything blissful about his sound. Striking an uncanny balance between house, techno, electronica, and ambient, Fort Romeau’s Dekmantel mix covers the spectrum. The talented DJ/producer has released on a variety of labels such as Spectral Sound and Live at Robert Johnson, and has a strong understanding of music that hits beyond the dance floor.

“I really like playing in this way. There’s so much freedom to shape the entire musical language of the evening and to make connections between disparate music that you just can’t really do in two or three hours at peak time. Corsica is one of London’s best spaces in my opinion, the DJ booth is rock solid with none of the typical problems of playing vinyl that plague clubs these days, the sound system is good and the crowd has always been great in my experience, so i was pleased to be able to take over the programming for the night.” – Fort Romeau