Life On Planets Share 6 Tips For 1st Time Acts Playing CRSSD

Life On Planets
Author : Kevin Ching
March 02, 2022

Life On Planets Share 6 Tips For 1st Time Acts Playing CRSSD

Life On Planets is the solo project of singer/guitarist Phill Celeste. Melding soul, R&B, and house in his original productions; the artist’s eclectic sound took him from the streets of Baltimore to cities the world over.

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CRSSD 2022 is just around the corner, and Life On Planets will be playing at the festival’s Ocean View Stage. Join Phill as he weaves live performance with electronics to spread messages of truth, love and consciousness across dance floors. Whether you are headlining the stage at CRSSD or playing for a small crowd, any experience from a live performance artist such as Life On Planets is a must have. Here are Life On Planet’s 6 tips for 1st time acts playing CRSSD.

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Bring the vibes!

Sing-alongs, your favorite jams you can really dance to and especially the jams (new or old) that you are just discovering and want to share with the world.

Gather the crew.

Get your homies onstage with you to groove and support you. From synchronized dances to communicating with the stage manager for you when you need something, Crew Love is true love.

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Plan your fit.

Definitely wear something you feel amazing in yet still comfortable. If you get too hot and a layer needs to come off, be ready to keep shining.

Bring extra!

Things can always go unexpected at showtime. If the next act is running late or you get inspired to switch up the vibes, have a stockpile of tunes for every situation.

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Take care of yourself.

Eat something, stretch and hydrate before, during and after your set so you can last the weekend and beyond!

Remember why you’re there.

You have been picked because you have something special to share. It’s okay to be nervous, it’s okay to need to perform a ritual, or ask for whatever you may need, even if it seems like it might be annoying. It’s YOUR time and you have been invited to BE YOURSELF on stage.

Lots of love!

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