Let’s Help DJ Deeon In A Time of Need

DJ Deeon
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 29, 2020

Let’s Help DJ Deeon In A Time of Need

Time are tough, and they’re tough for many of us. The Coronavirus pandemic has ground the entertainment industry to a halt, throwing a massive wrench on the earning plans and livelihood of most electronic music artists throughout the world, including DJ Deeon. Being unable to earn is an issue a lot of industry professionals are facing, yet the unfortunate truth is that for some these tough months are coupled with health complications resulting in increased economic burden, and that’s exactly the problem DJ Deeon has asked help with.

DJ Deeon is a revolutionary Chicago DJ and producer whose initial musical work came to be known world-over as Ghetto House, his story and musical work is now indistinguishable from that rich tapestry that is America’s contemporary cultural history.

In 2002, Deeon’s started his on-going battle with his health problems. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma, diabetes and a severe accident which resulted in having his left foot amputated, he has overcome adversity using his sound as a beacon of hope in his own life, to not lose the spark and to keep going strong. He continued to tour despite his physical woes, pushed by his love for music and the energy of the crowds he played for.

Unfortunately, a series of mini-strokes set Deeon back once more, causing him to miss important gigs leading up to the lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. All of this has left DJ Deeon unable to earn and provide, left with little choice but to set up a crowdfunding campaign humbly asking for some help, while at the same time offering something in return for donations, including unreleased edits and remixes, merchandise, personalized video messages, the opportunity of having your track remixed by the legend himself and the opportunity of booking him for a private gig.

It’s safe to say I’ve had a wild ride of a career, from the the Dance Mania days to being name checked in a Daft Punk record to things rebooting with the Freak Like Me remixes in 2016. And it’s all because of you! You bought my music, came to see me play, gave me everything a man could want.

But now I need some help. Im not a money for nothing guy so in return I’m offering up a series of unreleased edits & remixes, exclusive t shirts & caps, even the chance for me to remix you. Read the full story below…

Love & Respect,


As of time of writing, there are 25 days left of his campaign and he has raised over £10,000 of its £15,000 goal.

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