Leonardo: Five Favorite Selections From His Record Box

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 18, 2019

Leonardo: Five Favorite Selections From His Record Box

Etheric, the promising imprint of Leonardo, builds on the fantastic first three releases with a fourth well developed two tracker of his own, titled 500 Years From Now / Evolution Of Heart.

An artist who is more interested in feelings than musical trends, Leonardo delivers his own distinctive signature sound fueled by drawn out, infectious grooves. Having cut his teeth warming up regularly at the world’s best clubs and venues, it’s not surprising that global respect is attached to the name Leonardo. Now, ahead of his long-awaited debut concept album ‘Message From Wudang’ which is due next year, we have this latest tasteful offering.

This double A side release showcases two very different but equally essential moods from Leonardo. First up is the tough, futuristic and ethnic ‘500 Years From Now’ which shows the artist’s peak time and tech leaning side. With its unique bass groove, automated arps and effective electronic rhythms, the track rolls out through a natural organic sequence that’s always developing and evolving with strong spiritual undertones and captivating sci-fi elements.

On the flip is ‘Evolution Of Heart’, a liberating and uplifting, deep and melodic house groove that’s guaranteed to bring goose bumps with its lush, heartfelt pads andtextures, spine tingling arps and stripped back percussion. This vital release is a continuation of the style and approach that saw Leonardo’s last single gain significant global support, and this is sure to do the same all over again.

1. Bloody Mary – Acetic – Dame Music

“Serious acid, exactly how I love it. Raw, driving, unemotional and relentless and on her awesome Dame Music imprint. Guaranteed vibe lifter. If you’re not dancing to this you’ve got an attitude problem…”

2. Paulo Mosca – Where Are My Friends – Club Vision

“Wicked deep house track from Paulo Mosca. Sounds great on vinyl, all the elements come through superbly. Simple and intelligent production. Works well for me in those closing off moments”

3. Mor Elian – Radical Spectacular – Fever AM

“I really love this record. A great tool to flip the vibe up and switch directions with. Very distinctive. It’ll be in the box for a while”

4. Cassegrain – First Words – Arching Seas

“This track has the gritty edge I long for in real techno music. Percussive, fierce and without an ounce of aggression. Super cool and a lot of fun to play around with on the turntable”

5. Space Age – Sunday Rain – Hands Off

“Early grooves here; deep and electronic with a lush subtle ambience. Sits perfectly in the opening section of my record box.”

500 Years From Now / Evolution Of Heart Tracklist:

500 Years From Now
Evolution Of Heart


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