Lee Reynolds Top 5 Rave Moments

Author : Mark Grossane
May 05, 2023

Lee Reynolds Top 5 Rave Moments

Just as rave culture was making its first waves in the UK in 1988, a mad English kid named Lee Reynolds rode his BMX bike across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, carrying with him dreams of big air and sunny skies.

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He was as wild then as he is now, it’s just that on two wheels, Reynolds’ lack of abandon resulted in broken bones, not broken beats. In 1992, he limped off the ramp one last time and soon found himself lost to electronic psychedelia, and thusly one of the West Coast’s finest DJs began his path to the Desert Hearts movement and the hysteria he now conjures with every performance. Just before his performance at Desert Hearts LA festival, Lee Reynolds give us his Top 5 Rave moments from the Mid 90s until now.

“Me at Narnia back in the day, 94 I believe. Such an incredible moment in time. Ironically at Los Coyotes Indian reservation where we went on to throw Desert Hearts.”

“Marko Disco in Tijuana. One of the craziest clubs I’ve ever played at. Straight out of the 70s with mirrors everywhere. Early 2000s.”

“Kicking it in the booth with Nathan Coles at an Absurd warehouse party in LA, 2007 I think. What an absolute legend. Rest in peace brother.”

“Woogie stage at Lighting in a Bottle, 2010. A pivotal moment in my DJ career. Can you spot Mikey Lion and Marbs in the crowd?”

“Desert Hearts, 2022. After 30 years of raving this is still my favorite place to party!”

Don’t miss out on Lee’s electrifying performance this coming weekend, May 6th-7th, at the Desert Hearts Los Angeles event. This year, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be transformed into an epicenter of music and fun, with a stacked lineup for both days that’s sure to keep you dancing. Get ready to experience an unforgettable weekend of beats and good vibes with Lee and other top-notch DJs.

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